My front door doesn't hang straight and there are some largish spaces that let air in along the sides. In the winter I

can feel the cold air when I put my hand in front of those places. I've put some of that awful-looking foam weather stripping kind of stuff on the door frame in those gap areas, but it looks so unattractive. I took this photo a wk or so ago. There had been a small indication of this for a while but then I saw this deeper protrusion. I suppose that means the house is settling? It was built in 1979. Is this something to be concerned about? I want to fix the door so either it isn't hanging crooked, or find something not so ugly to fill in the gaps. Ideas?
q my front door doesn t hang straight and there are some largish spaces that let air in, doors, home maintenance repairs
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  • Louise, can you take a photo of the door top when its closed? This is settlement, but seeing the door top can help with the answer. You can purchase door stop that has weatherstripping already fastened to it. You remove if you can the door stop that is already there, close the door and then refasten the new door stop with gaskets into place to assure a good seal. But I need to see the gaps in the door first to advise you on the best method. I agree that the foam gasket stuff is ugly and it really does not last all that long as well.

  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Dec 01, 2012
    There may be more to simple settling, Termites might be eating your house and it has gotten to a point where there was a bigger drop that has recently occurred. If this has been a long slow shift it may be basic settling, has the damage to the dry wall been there all along? are the doors hinges worn? or showing signs of dust?

  • Louise Louise on Dec 01, 2012
    I'll take a photo of the top of the door tomorrow and post it. Also, I'll check on the hinges and take a photo of those, too. Thanks.

    There is a aluminum & vinyl screw on exterior weather stripping that attaches to the door jamb that you could use.I have attached a picture.

  • Louise Louise on Dec 03, 2012
    Thanks. I'll check this out. I still have to take a photo of my door and post it, too.