Asked on Jul 01, 2019

How can we fix a painted door that is sticking?

by Janet

A month ago we painted the bedroom and now th edoor sticks. When you open it, it makes a loud squeaking noise. Looks like it's sticking to the frame. I thought bynow the paint would have cured and not stick. It's only the second time this door was painted and I tried to make sure I spread the pain as thin as I could in order to not have too much paint build up. It's one of those hollow core doors. Will this stop or is there anyting I can do? It doesn't look like it needs sanding, it just sticks to the frame. I tried WD40 spray silicone but that didn't work.

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  • It might just be because it's summer and the warm air makes the doors expand a little bit. I always have this problem a bit in the summer. The little bit of extra paint may have made it tight. Could you sand down that area a little bit?

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Jul 01, 2019

    Hello Janet,

    You could try tightening the hinges incase it helps pull it back a bit, otherwise I can only suggest you use a fine sandpaper and rub the edge down where it binds.

  • Janet Janet on Jul 01, 2019

    Adrienne and John - thanks for answering. Yeah I was hoping it was just the humidity. We had the A/C on for a week and it did seem to be a bit quieter. So I guess before I sand it I will try tightening hinges and maybe wait till mid summer to see if having the A/C on all the time helps. Right now we were turning it off at night as the evenings have been pretty cool. But humidity is climbing ! I think I will sand as a last resort. Someone told me to use wax paper or paraffin wax. I guess it couldn't hurt. I know the door to our garage always has issues in the summer. It's as though the entire door shifts and it catches around the lock area and you actually have to almost lift and pull at the same time. Come late fall and summer it's fine. I don't get it.