Hang a beautiful spring wreath

Spruce up your front door with a simple yet classy burlap wreath made from a pool noodle. Get tutorial here

Use one as a stamp

Decorate your birdbath with a circle design using the end of a pool noodle as a stamp. Get tutorial here

Make a textured headboard

Cover pool noodles in fabric to make a textured headboard for your bed. Get tutorial here

Disguise an ugly pipe

Decorate a pool noodle and put it over an ugly pipe to disguise it. Get tutorial here

Space out your bunched curtains

Prevent your curtains from getting squished or being unevenly spaced by slipping a piece of a pool noodle onto the curtain rod. Get tutorial here

Heat your pool with solar heating pads

Use a pool noodle, hula hoop, and trash bag to harness the power of the sun to heat up your swimming pool. Get tutorial here

Store your winter boots upright

Keep your boots standing tall with prettified pool noodles inside of them. Get tutorial here

Stick dangly earrings in one

Attach a pool noodle to a jewelry cubby, and hang earrings from it for a secure place to store them. Get tutorial here

Turn them into photo frames

Showcase your favorite photos on a gallery wall made up of pool noodle photo frames. Get tutorial here

Cover dangerous trampoline springs

Avoid getting pinched in the trampoline springs by covering them with pool noodles. Get tutorial here

Decorate them as a faux cacti

Plant pool noodles in terracotta pots to make cute, faux cacti decor. Get tutorial here

Use them as planter filler

Fill planters with old pool noodles as a lightweight filling that takes up space. Get tutorial here