Make as shelf out of popsicle sticks

A glue gun, popsicle sticks and spray paint are all you need to make this darling little hexagonal shelf. Get tutorial here

Recycle soda cans to make flower wall art

Create beautiful flower wall art for any room in your home. These dimensional aluminum flowers can be made with any paint color you want. Get tutorial here

Use plastic spoons to create a mirror

Get your clippers out for this project. You can create a designer-looking mirror in no time with just spoons, cardboard, a glue gun and spray paint. Get tutorial here

Turn drinking straws into home decor

Use rope to string straws together to make beautiful home decor. From small tabletop art to a large wall hanging, the options are great with this DIY. Get tutorial here

Give a door a makeover with washi tape

Use washi tape to create custom decor for any door in your home. Scissors and washi tape is all you need. Get tutorial here

Make framed wall art with buttons

This project uses buttons, foam core and a frame to make heart wall art from buttons. A great gift idea and a kid-friendly project! Get tutorial here

Repurpose old sweaters into a rug

This no-sew project requires a bunch of old sweaters, cutting and time. The end result is worth it: a 100% one-of-a-kind custom rug. Get tutorial here

Create shabby French recycled tins

Use chalk paint to get the shabby, distressed look on old tins. Add labels in French and your project is complete. Get tutorial here

Upcycle denim clothes into a planter

Get your sewing machine out for this project! Create unique planters from jeans and decorate as you wish. A great addition for your windowsill decor. Get tutorial here

Marbleize your glasses with nail polish

Use nail polish to give drinking glasses a new look. Follow a few simple steps to complete this project in an hours time. Get tutorial here

Upcycle CD's into an LED Lamp

Get your jigsaw out for this DIY! Use old CD's and pinewood to make a mellow feeling LED lamp. Set some time aside to do this project right. Get tutorial here

Give your candle jars a new purpose

So many ways to upcycle glass candle jars! Wrap in lace, fabric, contact paper and more to repurpose into useful mini storage or planters. Get tutorial here

Use corks to create farmhouse decor

A fairy light, foam ball and corks are used to create a beautiful farmhouse decor piece that can be tweaked to your own specific style. Get tutorial here