Take your “square” walls to the next level

Use a bold color, sleek trim, and funky decorations to spice up walls that already have a square design.  Get tutorial here

Get that funky wallpaper look for next to nothing

Decorate your walls with whatever pattern you want with this DIY faux wallpaper trick. Get tutorial here

Go geometric with this hexagon wall design

Your wall will look sweet as honeycomb with this eye-catching hexagon pattern. Get tutorial here

Turn your wall into a masterpiece

This super easy painting technique will add some color and style to your wall. Get tutorial here

Make a stunning accent wall on a budget

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Make your own mesmerizing mosaic wall

All it takes is some tape and funky colors to transform your room into a kaleidoscope of colors and shapes.  Get tutorial here

Turn your hallway into an enchanted forest

Use Photowall to get the wallpaper that will totally transform your house. Get tutorial here

DIY boho rainbow wall mural

Make a little girl's dreams come true with this perfectly whimsical rainbow accent wall. Get tutorial here

Make a “brick” wall from homemade paper clay

Who doesn’t love that industrial look of exposed brick on an interior wall? Get tutorial here

Create a textured accent wall from reclaimed wood

Get that warm and rustic cottage vibe that makes you feel at home. Get tutorial here

Make a splash of color with this drippy accent wall

There are few things more fun that shooting rainbow paint out of a syringe all over your wall! Get tutorial here

DIY wooden slat wall on a budget

Use some bold paint and plywood to create this truly striking accent wall without breaking the bank. Get tutorial here

Draw your own geometric pattern wall design

All you need is a paint pen, some patience, and a steady hand to make this gorgeous accent wall.  Get tutorial here