1. Clean Up with This Small Appliance Repair

If your vacuum is making more mess than it’s clearing up, unplug it, turn it on its back, and run your finger along the brush. Find the belt (typically on the right end), then remove the plate, as well as the brush roll. Unhook the old belt and replace. Remove any outstanding debris, replace the brush and you’re good to go. Get tutorial here

2. Cool Home Appliance Repair Trick

What use is a fridge you’re frozen out of? Answer: it’s useless. If your fridge doesn’t have a handle, try this project. Take a 2” thick length of wood and draw around the old handle. Cut to shape using a bandsaw/jigsaw. Tip, cut outside the lines and sand to size. Add lips to the top and bottom of the handle, varnish, and screw onto your door. Get tutorial here

3. Unblock Your Life – Home Appliance Repair

If your garbage disposal is jammed, get on top of the block by going under. If you can’t dislodge the blockage from above, go to the underside of the unit and find a hexagon-shaped bolt. As ChickFix did, turn the bolt back-and-forth 180-degrees multiple times with a hex key. This will manually turn the blades and, hopefully, remove the blockage. Get tutorial here

4. Hot Appliance Repair for Fridge Drawers

Cold air can crack the plastic drawers inside your fridge. However, with this appliance repair, you can restore order with some inserts. To start, sand the front of drawers and apply epoxy adhesive to the cracks. Sand again and spray with Rust-Oleum (any color). Finally, cut strips of aluminum using a jigsaw and glue in place for extra strength. Get tutorial here

5. Remove and Replace Leaky Washer Valves

A leaky washing machine can be fixed with a replacement part. For this fix, remove the back panel, turn on the machine, and trace the leak. Often times you’ll find a rusty hot water inlet valve is the issue. If so, unplug the machine before removing the old valve and screwing in a new one. If it’s not this, then chances are it will be another valve that simply needs replacing. Get tutorial here

6. Cut Costs with This Simple Spool Repair

You can’t whack weeds without tight lines. To restring a whacker, identify the size of the string (0.065, 0.095 etc) needed. Next, choose the right type of string: round, flat, triangular, or individual blades. Finally, thread the string through the top of an empty spool, loop through the holding slot, and wrap around the spool. Get tutorial here

7. Hair Be Gone with This Home Appliance Hack

If you’re forever trying to vacuum up dog hair, try this neat device. Known as the Sweepovac, this vacuum sits in your wall and collects stubborn debris at the flick of a switch. To install, cut a section out of your drywall near an electrical source. Wire-in the unit (get professional help if necessary) and seal around the unit. Simple.  Get tutorial here

8. Hot Fix Home Repair for a Faulty Oven Igniter

Home repairs involving gas shouldn’t be taken lightly. In most cases, you need a professional. However, if you simply need to replace a faulty igniter, follow these steps. Unplug the oven and disconnect the gas. Remove the oven racks and baffle, before unscrewing the igniter. Cut the wires and screw the new unit in place. Reattach the wires and test. Get tutorial here

9. Lube Up Your Fan for a Better Flow

When temperatures soar, a clogged-up fan is a problem. To remedy the issue, try this appliance repair trick. Unscrew the cover for the blades and set to one side. Use a stiff brush to remove dust and dirt from the blades’ surface as well as underneath. Finally, spray WD40 over the blades and wipe away any excess to get your fan working like new. Get tutorial here

10. Don’t Overheat with This Oven Repair Trick

With this trick from ChickFix, you can set your oven to the right temperature with ease. Purchase an oven thermometer, set your oven to 350 degrees, and wait for 15-20 minutes. If the thermometer doesn’t read 350 degrees, find the difference between the two readings, remove the heat dial, and use the inner dial to adjust up or down accordingly. Get tutorial here

11. Flush Away Small Home Repair Woes

A toilet that won’t stop running is annoying. With these tips from ChickFix, you can solve the issue with ease. Firstly, remove the lid and examine the flapper (the plug at the bottom of the tank). If the flapper is broken, unscrew and replace. If the chain is too short (leaving the flapper open), remove the chain, reduce its size, and reattach. Get tutorial here

12. Vinegar and Lemon Juice Washing Machine Hack

The best home appliance repairs are ones that take care of themselves. If your washer isn’t producing clean results, try vinegar and lemon juice. Pour two cups of clear vinegar and a squirt of lemon juice into the drum, then crank up the temperature and start a cycle. This will clear blockages and limescale, leaving your washer in pristine condition. Get tutorial here

13. Plunger-Free Toilet Hack

If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, this appliance fix is ideal. To follow Shawna, take some dish soap and a measuring jug of very warm water (not boiling). Squirt ¼ cup of dish soap into the bowl to lubricate any debris. Leave the soap to work its way into the mess before adding the water. The end result should be a sparkling white bowl. Get tutorial here

14. Watertight Small Home Repair

Gaps in your shower can turn into a major problem. To avert a crisis, Angie advises you to caulk your shower on a regular basis. Before you start, remove the old caulk using a solvent. Clean and dry the surface, then tape the edges of the tiles. Finally, apply the caulk. A top tip here is to hold the gun 1/8” away from the wall. Get tutorial here