Use mason jars to store craft supplies

Store your craft supplies in style with mason jars! It makes it easy to see where all of your supplies are and is stylish to boot! Get tutorial here

Hang a giant craft room peg board

Make a giant peg board to organize all of your crafting basics! This is a great afternoon project that will help you get organized in a jiffy! Get tutorial here

Organize your desk drawers with trays

Build an organizer that makes use of all the wasted vertical spaces in your drawer. With sliding trays everything will have a place of its own. Get tutorial here

Store your twine in style with these mason jar organizers

Learn to make these cute mason jar twine holders. It's a great way to organize your craft room using items you already have. Get tutorial here

Turn a filing cabinet into a chic fabric organizer

If you have a lot of smaller fabric pieces this system is a great way to organize and easily find what you want. Get tutorial here

Keep your paints organized with canning jars

Use canning jars to make it easy to find the exact paint you've been looking for. No need to hang onto half empty cans that take up space! Get tutorial here

Recycle an old spice rack to organize your craft supplies

Creating your own organization system is easier (and cheaper) than you think with the help of your local thrift store and a little bit of DIY fun! Get tutorial here

Make a desk organizer for next to nothing with recycled cans

Upcycle your leftover tin cans into a modern desk organizer. It's basically free and will keep your desk organized and stylish! Get tutorial here

Organize your stencils with a ladder

No need for fancy drawers, you can organizer your stencils using an old ladder and some clothes hangers! Quick, cheap, and a nice piece of decor to boot! Get tutorial here

Put together a ribbon organizer for under $3

Keep all your ribbons organized in one place with a fun DIY ribbon organizer. Even better, it costs under $3 to make! Get tutorial here

Hang your craft supplies on gold pipes

Make your own pipe storage unit that looks like it was bought in a high end home goods store for a fraction of the price! Get tutorial here

Create a wallflower to store craft paint

Have a lot of craft paint bottles you need to store? Or maybe just a lot of other smaller things like markers? You can use PVC pipe to create cute storage for your wall! Get tutorial here

Hack the IKEA Raskog cart

With some basic supplies you can hack an IKEA cart and make it work for you! Super customizable and always useful! Get tutorial here

Put an album storage box to use

Learn how you can use an album storage box to organize your craft room in five unique ways! Easy as one, two, three! Get tutorial here

Make a tiered organize from an old oats container

This project looks a little complicated, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. Upcycle an old oats container into the perfect tiered organizer! Get tutorial here

Build a DIY tiered lazy Susan tray from scratch

Create a pretty tiered tray that busts your craft clutter and spins for easy access to all of your craft supplies! Get tutorial here

Store your pencils in a popsicle stick pencil holder

Put a modern, adult spin on the popsicle stick pencil holder of your childhood. Match it to your home decor for a personalized place to keep your pencils! Get tutorial here