Should I hardwood stairs going to basement or just redo stain

q should i hardwood stairs going to basement or just redo stain
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  • Peg Peg on Aug 09, 2017
    I think it would be easier restaining them.

  • William William on Aug 09, 2017
    They look like in pretty good shape. I would just stain and seal them.

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Aug 09, 2017
    I would just restain them,anything else will be very costly for a basement

  • Holly Kinchlea-Brown Holly Kinchlea-Brown on Aug 09, 2017
    if you like the look, it would certainly be a lot cheaper to just restain and seal the steps.

  • B. Enne B. Enne on Aug 09, 2017
    I too would definitely restain them. I have the same set-up. I wouldn't invest in hardwood, because when service people or trades come in to fix/replace/maintain the furnace, a/c, bathroom etc., they often scratch/nick the stairs, even when they remove their shoes and put tarps down. There is too much potential for damage. In my case, the wash and dryer and freezer are down there too. Moving stuff in and out, sometimes things are set down on the stairs by delivery people or even my family.

  • TW TW on Aug 09, 2017
    Either stain or paint them. Too expensive to hardwood stairs.

  • Lucy Marie Bernier Lucy Marie Bernier on Aug 10, 2017
    How about some stencils in just a bit lighter color then what's there ?

  • CJ Mac CJ Mac on Aug 10, 2017
    I much more economical and easier too :)

  • Claude Claude on Aug 10, 2017
    Stain them and seal. If you want something quieter, consider a rug runner over the stained wood. They can be fastened with decorative bars at the junction joint between the step and the riser. Or just tacked down. The rug really lowered the noise up and down and keeps dirt to a minimum.

  • Nancy Wilson Nancy Wilson on Aug 10, 2017
    I agree with the restain and seal plan. If you're not planning on finishing the basement, that is. I would never hardwood the steps, but if you are going to be flooring the basement I would stain or paint them to compliment that flooring. If not, then I would recommend an area rug at the bottom of the stairs to trap any dirt. I wouldn't carpet all the way up, but tacking carpet treads on the first few bottom steps would also keep the rest of the stairs from getting dirty and messed up.

  • Vvv Vvv on Aug 10, 2017
    I would redo stain as I have done in the past. Lasts a long time an can have stain color when you like.

  • Vvv Vvv on Aug 10, 2017
    Spell check does not help all the time. Change colors of stain any time.

  • Kathy Murray Kathy Murray on Aug 10, 2017
    One takes work & patience the other a bit of money. You need to weigh the two out according to your time & budget. You could also buy a carpet runner which Lowes & Home Depot carry in the store.