How to update open carpet wrapped stairs to child safe closed stairs?

by Donna
  3 answers
  • Jcraw Jcraw on Jun 10, 2018

    If the stairs are nasty, you can buy new wooden treads reasonably at HD, etc.

    To keep the open look, I would look into acrylic backs. Perhaps even ask the company to drill holes for you. I would also be tempted to get very thin acrylic sheet to screw to the railings. The spaces are scarily wide for munchkins and their peekaboo heads.

    Apparently HD and Lowe’s also sell acrylic sheeting.

    i find I’m surprised by the suggestions of gates. You already have gates.

    How do children learn to do stairs if they don’t do stairs?

    My advice is have a soft rug at the bottom for the first failed attempts.

  • William William on Jun 21, 2018

    Measure the stair riser openings and just install wood risers. Also add extra balusters between the existing ones.

  • Heje Heje on Jun 21, 2018

    I do not like open stairs either and especially for children. I would attach a back or riser to the stairs. The carpet could be removed before putting the backs on. Carpets can be put back on but not wrapped but installed like a carpeted stairway.