Save Money Tip: Use Technology to Buy in Bulk!!

Yes, on-line shopping can be used for more than just nuts and bolts!
I love a beautiful yard...but planting spring and summer flowers can be expensive. With everything in our budget increasing, you can still manage to have a beautiful yard if you shop on-line for things in bulk.
I love Caladium because of the abundance of color, ease of care and long lasting beauty, but when you look for them locally, they can cost close to $1 each so I go on line and buy them out of Florida (possibly the largest growing area for Caladium in the country) and buy them for $.54...including shipping.
I have been doing this for years from various growers and have had award winning yard several years in a row!
I must admit that due to some limitations in mobility, I have been very lax the past couple of years...and this makes me I declared 2017 my WINNING YEAR! I just ordered 100 Caladium bulbs which will arrive in Georgia in April!
I hope to be able to post beautiful photos by early June!

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  • Haysha S. Haysha S. on Feb 05, 2017
    That's a great tip!! 2017 is gonna be your year!Can't wait to see the yard!

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    • Lorraineh Lorraineh on Feb 13, 2017
      I live in the light blue section of the country. Cold. How do you get started planting bulbs. Can you plant them in jugs and if so where. I don't have a lot of room inside. How many bulbs can you start in jugs?