Asked on Sep 02, 2016

Any ideas for this toy box?

by William
I found this toy box that was thrown out. Lid was loaded with stickers. I removed some, but stopped because I have no idea what to do with it. I would prefer not to leave it as a toy box or blanket chest. I've looked online for inspiration, but found nothing that strikes me. It's about 17" X 27". Plastic laminate over particle board. I don't like where the hinges are and the lid does not open fully. ANY IDEAS OUT THERE?!
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  • Michael Portner Michael Portner on Sep 02, 2016
    Changeing hinges is both inexpensive and quite easy. (using a slightly heavier hinge will save future problems. Now consider turning it on end so it looks like a cupboard. Depending on where you will want it, the top {door} will open either way. Now, decide what you want in this cabinet so you can decide how many shelves to place in it. I suspect one or two at most. You can permanently mount them or place shelf strips so you can vary the hight at any time. Lastly decide on floor or wall mount. If floor mount, either raise the unit up so the door won't scrape the floor or trim the bottom edge of the door. Choose your designs and a handle to finish off this newly created cabinet. Enjoy.
  • Dianne E. Carlisle Dianne E. Carlisle on Sep 02, 2016
    After changing hinges I would use it to store my children's old baby clothes. ( the special ones I am saving for grandchildren) or even albums. I would choose a bright paint color and create a cushion top. you can easily find cheap material and stuffing. Glue gun or staple in place and trim with twine or lace. then place under a sunny window and use for a cheap window seat.
  • One8414992 One8414992 on Sep 03, 2016
    Drill small holes in bottom, add gravel, then soil and use as a planter box......Remove lid or not...Paint a fun color!
  • Gail H. Gail H. on Sep 03, 2016
    You could reinforce the bottom a bit, paint it with outdoor paint (all edges must be thoroughly coated) and use it outside tucked up under the eaves of your house to keep potting items, or pool items or cushions, etc. in. Either use bricks or blocks or treated wood to elevate it off of the ground so it will last longer.
  • Johanna Waller Johanna Waller on Sep 03, 2016
    Yes change the hinges, THEN use Goo be Gone for the leftover sticker mess, paint it with a good sturdy paint ( two colors in front) and, if you're an empty nester or single, use for shoes by your back door or put the bags, etc that you need to take with you the next day. If you have kids, then it's a great place for backpacks that are packed and ready to go or for those equipment bags that they need you to bring for them after school.
  • One8414992 One8414992 on Sep 04, 2016
    Put roller wheels on the bottom if you use for a planter box........Or whatever....
  • Lin8864038 Lin8864038 on Sep 04, 2016
    If you have a kitty, it makes a great place to stowaway the litter box! Just cut a cute opening in one end for access. Keeps litter contained and easy to clean up.
  • Gale O'Neal Gale O'Neal on Sep 04, 2016
    Like Linascottdavis idea and add a cushion on top (that has a removable cover for easy washing once kitty realizes it is for him/her.
  • One8414992 One8414992 on Sep 05, 2016
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    • Ajc Ajc on Sep 06, 2016
      s, they can be mounted, out of sight, on the inside bottom corners. You might need to add some blocks on the corners.
  • Laz8217810 Laz8217810 on Sep 06, 2016
    remove the old hinges, glue 3 inch foam on lid, cover the foam and the lid with fabric from Walmart, or from an arts and crafts store like Michael's or a fabric store and it becomes a settee / extra seat for a niche. with extra odds and ends storage
  • William William on Sep 10, 2016
    None of the answers were viable. Did not want to use it for storage of any kind as a bench. Was looking for something different and unusual.
  • Kathy Kathy on Apr 12, 2021

    Storage - placed at end of bed with a cushion top.

    • William William on Apr 12, 2021

      Thanks but already have one at two beds. Still sitting in my workshop. Haven't done anything yet.

  • Kathy Kathy on Apr 13, 2021

    William, try using it by your front door once it’s finished. We all need extra storage in a home these days. Store blankets, towels out of season throw pillows. Please get busy and finish up what you have in your workshop for more creative builds.

  • Shelley Martin Shelley Martin on Aug 25, 2021

    take the hinges off, make the top into a serving tray that sets into the box and holds steady, or can pull out easily and set anywhere. insulate the bottom of the "tray"

    insulate the box for some cool beverages! icon

    add some casters to make it easy to roll around your patio!