Empty medicine bottles from my mother's former illness.

I have more then several empty medicine bottles. Any DIY ideas besides the basic storage ideas? They where my mother's from her illness. I would like to make something in her memory. She loved crafting.

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  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Mar 08, 2018
    I know this is for storage, but you could attach the caps to wood and that way you could make a under shelf storage for craft things or herbs. You could slightly rough up the outside and paint them in some of her favorite colors and label them with sharpies as to what is in them. She loved crafting, so what better way to honor her by using them for your crafting supplies that she loved to work with.

  • Ebby Ebby on Mar 08, 2018
    Paint the bottles a neutral color. Get a round firm foam wreath ring (or wooden ring or flat 4" wide cut-out circle) and paint it the same color. Purchase SEVERAL bags of cotton balls (larger is best) Spray paint the cotton balls in a variety of colors you prefer for flower colors, and some for green leaf colors. Glue the bottom of the bottles to the front of the wreath form, or screw the bottom of the bottles to a wooden circle form, using a log screwdriver through the bottle to the bottom (you might need to puncture a hole in the bottom of the bottles first. You don't need long screws as the bottles are very light. Once you have all bottles in place, start stuffing DRIED cotton balls in the bottle to create a look of flowers! You can add small dried flowers like baby's breath, etc. all around and in the crevices between the bottles. Glue colored cotton balls the same way to the sides of the wreath form, or use greenery! A cute memory wreath for your home! You can dress it up with ribbon or whatever. The cotton balls are inexpensive, and if you go with just a few colors, the paint isn't much, either!

  • Linda Lockwood Linda Lockwood on Mar 08, 2018
    Hi Rochester~ I am from near you~! I am going to use your idea in my craft room~ Thank you~ Linda Lockwood

  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on Mar 09, 2018
    Medicine bottles into sewing kits!

    Clean and paint them, or cover with adhesive paper. Make many little sewing kits* and give them to one or more churches who fill shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. The sewing kits go in girls’ boxes for 6-14-year-olds. The bigger the bottles, the more thread or little squares of fabric you can include. Use a marker to draw a simple threaded needle on the bottle. Childproof caps are fine. ☺️

    Sewing kits: 2-3 needles and some straight pins threaded through a strip of paper or foil; 3’ pieces of different colors of thread wrapped around a short strip of cardboard; tiny pairs of scissors left from manicure or bandaging kits; a thimble; 1” or 4” squares of fabric that can be used for patches; a threader; in tall bottles, a seam ripper; buttons of any kind; and little sewable decals and decorations. Do NOT include razor blades, or full size scissors. These sewing kits are very important to many girls who don’t have these supplies at home.
    For more info, go to www.FranklinGrahamMinistries.com or www.OperationChristmasChild.com.
    Best wishes ☺️

    • Michelle Taylor Michelle Taylor on Mar 12, 2018
      I love this idea. Thank you so much. I think I will send one to my granddaughter also. I have gotten her a "bedazzled me now" for Christmas. She loves it maybe this will spark another intrest.