Repurposing good towels

It is just my husband and me in the house, now. I want to reduce the amount of towels I have and turn them into something creative and hopefully, useful. I am hopeful some brilliantly creative person can give me ideas on how to turn these towels into something I will enjoy and appreciate.
q how can i recycle over supply of good towels , repurpose household items, repurposing upcycling, These are just some of the many thick towels stuffed into the shelves
These are just some of the many thick towels stuffed into the shelves.
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  • Carole Carole on Sep 08, 2016
    I have no idea. We use our old towels for the dog. Good for doggy bath time and when she has been in the lake for a swim or it is raining out to dry her off.

  • Magda Magda on Sep 08, 2016
    I use my older towels to make either face cloths by putting a bias binding border around it. Or otherwise I cut it up to make cleaning cloths for floors.

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Sep 08, 2016
    This may give you some inspiration.

  • LibraryKAT LibraryKAT on Sep 08, 2016
    Sometimes questions puzzle me. Donate them to Salvation Army, Goodwill or the Humane Society. They all would love to have towels in good condition.

  • Cindy Hagemann Cindy Hagemann on Sep 08, 2016
    I agree with Katrzc - if you don't have a use for them there are others who can use them such as Goodwill or my choice, an animal shelter. Why destroy them when they can be used?

  • Gaylene Dowhanuik Gaylene Dowhanuik on Sep 08, 2016
    Donate to animal shelters

  • Barb Streaker Barb Streaker on Sep 08, 2016
    I cut mine up and use them as rags.

  • Cheryl Nelson Cheryl Nelson on Sep 08, 2016
    Donate to animal shelters

  • Pam Olson Pam Olson on Sep 08, 2016
    I took a bunch of my older towels and cut them into wide strips that perfectly fit my Swiffer. Now I just toss them in the wash after using and still have a few in the closet.

  • Nancy Nancy on Sep 08, 2016
    Wanimal shelters desperately need towels small blankets? A lot have to lay on shredded newspaper on cold crate floor

  • Sue Sue on Sep 08, 2016
    Homeless shelters would love to get them! Some shelters provide shower facilities.

  • Linda Linda on Sep 08, 2016
    Make adult bibs. For elderly or hospitals

    • Jean White Allen Jean White Allen on Sep 08, 2016
      Yes! One time I made fifty bibs for our local Hospice facility. I got towels from the thrift store.

  • Emmawilliams1 Emmawilliams1 on Sep 08, 2016
    Or, if you want to: as someone else mentioned...Swiffers...And I am using mine since I don't have the company I used to have, as washcloths and cut up for dishcloths..You can make small hand towels and pull threads to fringe one end, My goodness, there are a multitude of uses..And I do use the older, bigger ones for cat or dog beds..Whatever you do, don't toss them...have a good day!

  • Jean White Allen Jean White Allen on Sep 08, 2016
    Towels make wonderful potholders. Cut squares the size you want the potholder to be; use two thicknesses; edge with bias binding. They last forever!

  • Kay Kay on Sep 09, 2016
    I really like that idea. I will check into it . Thanks that is something I hadn't thought of and we are big animal lovers.

  • Kay Kay on Sep 09, 2016
    I loved Nancy's suggestion of donating the towels to animal shelters for bedding .

  • Charly Charly on Sep 09, 2016
    I would definitely donate them to an animal shelter.

  • Ginger the farm gal Ginger the farm gal on Sep 09, 2016
    Pillows, rag rugs, bath robes, stuff animals, drawer liners, sew together several for bath mats, homeless shelters, or make mats for dog shelters add popcorn packing balls or foam for padding

  • Kay Kay on Sep 10, 2016
    These are l great ideas. Thanks, friends!