How do I make a pine stump into a learning tool?


I am working with our city to create a learning path thru a place in our local park. We unfortunately had to cut two trees that were leaning to provide room for the shelter. I had the city crew save one of the stumps in hopes I could have it used for a learning tool for the children to count the rings. After two months it is still oozing sap (which I have scraped off occasionally and have sanded) and we also have had a lot of rain over those months. Is there any hints has to how I can still use it or am I fighting a losing battle? I have even had a sign made telling the children how to count the rings to see how old the tree is. I have reached out to the Audobon society to see if any clues and have searched online. Every place I have searched or asked have different ideas but no specific answer, I am trying to keep the bark on the side. Any help is greatly appreciated!

q how do i make a pine stump into a learning tool
q how do i make a pine stump into a learning tool
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