I'm looking for ideas for using/repurposing old console TV cabinet

this cabinet is too nice to scrap it - i need ideas and/or tips to put it to good use
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  • Linda Linda on Apr 15, 2017
    Make it into a desk . You could paint or leave natural. Just stare at it and the idea will come.

  • Cathy Graham Cathy Graham on Apr 15, 2017
    I also have cabinets that I took out the "guts" out of, one I took apart and am using the good pieces for projects. The other is much bigger and has push button bi-fold doors. I was going to make it into a dining room buffet. My Dad made a dresser out of a piano. Go on the internet and see what others have done. Good Luck

  • Glenda Glenda on Apr 17, 2017
    If you have the space, it might work as a pantry.

  • Eroque022810 Eroque022810 on Apr 17, 2017
    Well what does it look like? That would really help since old doesn't describe it just tells us it's age. Does it have doors is it deep does it have shelves for DVD player as well cable box. I ha e one that held a 27 inch TV with shelves for those items and a drawer that's deep to hold dad's or vhs. I use it for scrapbook items as well as craft items. It was in my old kitchen as a pantry as well. Heck if you need closet space you could place your folded items in it or seasonal items. You can use it to hold large cooking items or stain it so it can go into dining room to put seasonal serving items and the drawer is great for placemats and table cloths. But that all works if it's like my old styled one. I hope that helps. There are many uses don't get rid of it until you have to if it's open maybe you can use as a linen closet for master bedroom. You can use a tension rod and add a curtain to hide things in it such as out of season clothes.

    • Jennifer Jennifer on Apr 17, 2017
      Yes, it would help if Hometalkers could see a picture of the TV console.  I have a few suggestions but again what are we working with , a box shape, something long or something tall?

  • Linda Abate Linda Abate on Apr 18, 2017
    If you have small children or grandchildren you can turn it into a kitchen or make it into a stage for puppet shows. Add more shelfing and make a bookcase or turn it into a free standing closet for clothes. I am sure there are more ideas out there. Check Pinterest as they have many ideas for repurposing furniture.