I need new ideas on making things out of small plastic bottles.

I made rocket ships for cub scouts but need some type of doll for small girls. I have 7 great grandchildren so any fun quick ideas are welcome.
Thank You. E Parkin

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  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on Mar 17, 2018
    Use lightweight practice golf balls, or ping-pong balls as heads. You cut an X with an exacto knife and the girls can put the heads on, draw the faces and hair with crayons or markers. Draw very simple dress outlines to fit the bottles on paper, felt, or fabric, adding an extra 1/4-1/2 inch on every side, leaving the neck hole without the extra width. The girls can glue or staple the dresses onto the bottles. You could also do pants with the legs side-by-side. The girls could color and decorate the dresses with buttons, glitter, stars—almost anything.
    And everybody likes squirting water bottles, especially if the water has one drop of color in each bottle.
    Have fun! ☺️

    • Jer24994738 Jer24994738 on Mar 17, 2018
      Thank you. I might add that I used one half of an easter egg to make the top of the rocket ship for my cub scouts.

  • Cynthia H Cynthia H on Mar 17, 2018
    You could use them to hold liquid bubbles. When my daughters were little I made "monster spray", using water, lavender essential oil and a tiny bit of glitter. It was spraying under the bed to keep monsters away.

  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on Mar 17, 2018
    I’ll be putting candy that is not chocolate into very small eggs for church. Each family that signed up got 100 plastic eggs with a toy treat in them; we add the candy. We invite the neighborhood via our church sign. Several neighborhood children came last year, plus our own and their friends and cousins. The toddlers are the most fun to watch. They don’t want to reach into the grass, and they don’t really know what’s going on, but they are so cute. This year, we are having the hunt after the church service. Then people have time to have lunch or dinner with their families. Hubby and I were leaders when our sons were in whatever comes before Cub Scouts. They have changed the name now. But the carve your own race car was the most fun. I had crafts or experiments for them every week. I loved it. If you ever need an idea, use Cub Scouts in your question and I will try to respond. ☺️