How do I make a chest of drawers & dresser solely out of wood pallets?

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  • Bijous Bijous on Aug 26, 2018

    Hi Gretchen. Now that's ambitious! Decide how big you want the chest. Do all your calculations before you begin. Then buy or rent the proper tools. Tool list:

    Hammer and/or screw driver or nail gun

    Sand paper, manual or electric sander

    Clamps for holding wood together

    Hand wood saw or electric circular saw or miter saw

    Then of course you'll need nails or screws and wood glue and metal drawer runners.

    Now it's just a matter of making a series of boxes: a big one for the chest, a smaller one without a top or bottom for the toe kick and the ones for the drawers. I suggest you mark out and install the runners on the dresser side walls and on the sides of the drawers before assembling. It makes it so much easier. Happy DIY'ing!