Using glass bottles to make a pathway

by Rachel
Has anyone ever laid glass bottles on their side and partially buried them to make a pathway? I would like to try if anyone has any info on doing this.
  5 answers
  • Sheryl Gilliland Sheryl Gilliland on May 02, 2016
    The strength of the bottle is top to bottom. So if you use the bottles laying on the side be sure to fill them with sand or dirt, or cement, for safety. Also use a pattern of bottles that would keep your foot on two bottles at a time, it is not fun walking on broken glass. If the man in Nevada could build a house out of bottles your pathway should work. I have seen the bottles buried upside down, this is gorgeous . especially when light are added at the neck.
  • Sandy Hartnett Sandy Hartnett on May 03, 2016
    I would just use the pretty round bottom after cutting them off. Line them up side by side like tiles. It would take more bottles to do this. I can't picture bottles being attractive lined up on their sides...I could be wrong? Hugs
  • Carol Carol on May 06, 2016
    If you do this, keep in mind that the bottles may be slippery, especially when wet.
  • Patti McCarty Patti McCarty on May 09, 2016
    Slippery when wet! I have a "band" of them, on their sides, along the edge of a flowerbed. I put the cork back in them in an attempt to keep out bugs, mud, spiders..... it's kinda nice when the bed is full of foliage, etc.... kinda icky in the winter, though. Not sure I'd do it again, not sure how much longer I'll leave it that way, as I am tired of it.