Asked on Jan 30, 2013

What to make out of Taster Choice coffee jars?

Tuffy Thurman
by Tuffy Thurman
The jars are shaped and the lids are attached. i have alot of them and maybe can give to a school class to make some kind of craft
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  • 3po3 3po3 on Jan 30, 2013
    Are they plastic? It seems like a teacher could use these for holding pencils and such, or make crafts like this:
  • Marcy Marcy on Jan 31, 2013
    How many do you have? I'm sure a local elementary school art class would be happy to take them from you; you could call the schools in your area and ask. Or like Steve said, search around Hometalk for crafts- there are so many awesome crafty projects.
  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Jan 31, 2013
    In my effort to be more "green" and cost aware I have been roasting my own coffee beans now for about 5-6 years. I can get fair trade organic green beans for about 4 to 5 dollars a pound. And I eliminate a lot of worthless plastic packaging. Here is a pic of my recent 20 pound purchase To learn about Raosting your own Check out this Article I wrote
  • Elma Bacon-Peters Elma Bacon-Peters on Jan 31, 2013
    They would make great molds for patio bricks!!!
  • Virginia Vall Virginia Vall on Jan 05, 2015
    I like the idea of patio bricks.... Here are a few more ideas.... 1. building blocks for children of all ages... I saved the packing foam blocks from my printer cartridge box and those had a slot in them so my grandchildren had a great time with them. I have several other containers with lids and my grandchildren used there imagination and used them to store other toys when the containers weren't being used as building blocks. My grandchildren love the sound of different containers and wooden spoons as drum sticks. They have found that if they leave some of the toys in the containers the sound is different from a fully loaded container and an empty container, then they started experimenting with the different level of toys in a container. I also have many tin cans and we turn them over so as not to damage the print on some of the cans and place them on the carpeted floor. Children of all ages like building blocks. 2. yarn ball containers. place a yarn ball inside the container and punch a hole in the lid and smooth the opening so the yarn to pull thru without fraying on the hole edges. Put all the containers in a larger container or box to keep them all neatly in one place and make it easy to move them when needed. I chose a box large enough to put my multicolored blanket inside when not working on it to keep it clean and make it easy to store on a shelf for an easy way to store the project. On the out side of the box I have labeled the project for easy identification should it be a while before I am able to return the that project. 3. Store crafts like pompoms, crayons, markers, paints, play dough, clay, pins, hooks, nails, screws, small tools, hot glue sticks, scissors, tape, bottle caps, plastic lids, small started projects, driver bits, hardware, etc. 4. Store food stuffs such as marshmallows, chocolate chips, snack chips, raisins, other dried fruit, nuts, cereal, loose tea, tea bags, etc. Make a label for each food stuff and tape to container. 5. plant containers or covers for containers. I have a few containers that have a similar shape which allows the pot to rest inside the container without touching bottom. This allows the roots to grow beyond the pot and into the drained water. This allows the plants to be watered less and keeps the soil fairly dry preventing mold especially in the winter months. Since it is a snug fit, bugs cannot breed in the water, because they cannot get to the water, just the roots can grow to the water. The plant will let you know when it needs watering or you can lift the container and swirl it a little to feel if there is still water in the bottom of the container.
  • Phylis M Phylis M on Feb 12, 2015
    I love this coffee,as well! So, I have a lot of them also. I use them for small Do-dads around the house, paper clips, rubber bands, my granddaughter's Barbie shoes etc. I just pull the labels off and use away!
    • UpState UpState on Nov 28, 2016

      That will surely take alot of paper clips, rubber bands & Barbie shoes to fill-up one of these canisters !

  • B J B J on Jul 25, 2015
    I use for mini canisters in kitchen to store things like meal,grits,flour,beans etc.Remove label from coffee jar.Cut out label and cooking instructions from bag or box and tape to coffee jar.Better than trying to tape shut a box of instant potato flakes,rice etc.
    • JEWEL C JEWEL C on Dec 01, 2016

      I also have a lot of these and mine are glass I fill them with dry foods also. Pasta, rice, dry beans etc. The shape is nice too and you could use the for vases to take flowers to friends or if you are in LA the cemetery. I pass them out on all saints day.

  • Barbara Barbara on Mar 10, 2016
    I have been able to take items like this and poke some holes in them - fill with treats - and use as a toy/treat dispenser for my dogs. Make the holes just large enough for the treats to fall out qas the dog pushes the container around with their nose!! I should patent this idea!!
  • You can remove the tops, cover the jars with colorful fabric or paper, and use them for storage. You could store office supplies like pens and pencils, use them in the bathroom for makeup brushes and qtips, or even use them as a vase for flowers!
  • Mar15011303 Mar15011303 on Nov 22, 2016
    Storing coffee Beanshop.
  • Deanna Nassar Deanna Nassar on Dec 14, 2016

    I have a bunch of the 1 LB size plastic containers from Temptations Cat Treats. In Spring I'm repotting a couple of philadendrons and I've been rooting pieces to make more. Theses might make good flower pots. A few holes for drainage and a coat of paint or some design from our craft group would look great.

  • Barbara Barbara on Dec 14, 2016

    Yes - I have seen something similiar but I still think mine is better - and FREE!!!!