Repurpose them for your garden

Grab spare Sunny D bottles and cut out grooves in them for your herbs. Genius. Get tutorial here

Turn them into perfect Valentine’s gifts

Cut two plastic bottles and glue them together with E600 then fill with candy. So cute. Get tutorial here

Repurpose them as cupcake holders

Sever the bottom of coke bottles then seal with removable painters tape and voila-cupcake holders. Get tutorial here

Transform them into faux succulent planters

Grab some old Palmolive bottle, cut out the center & add fake succulents with hot glue. Pretty. Get tutorial here

Make them into a gorgeous heart mobile

Cut them into strips, then decorate with permanent marker. Attach to a red string and done. Get tutorial here

Dress them up as party favors

After cutting them, spray paint them then fold over spare plastic at the top. So clever. Get tutorial here

Reimagine them as Easter baskets

Cut the bottles, color the border, glue ribbon on and add buttons for a handle. Get tutorial here

Convert them into snack dispensers

Cut off the bottoms, glue them to caps & attach them as removable bowls for seeds or trail mix. Get tutorial here

Revamp them as rustic candles holders

Cut a bottle in half, spray paint it silver, add twine & insert an electric tea light to get this cutie. (Chase the Star Get tutorial here

Flip them over & use as wind spinners

Grab a dowel, some fishing line, and some decorative stickers to make this garden piece. Get tutorial here

Fold them into pillow boxes

Cut them and fold them to make the most perfect pillow boxes to use for tissues or gift giving. Get tutorial here

Use them as string dispensers for crafting

Drill a hole in the lid, drop a ball of string at the bottom & pull one string through the hole. Get tutorial here

Makeover them over for school lunch boxes

Cut off the labels from IKEA ice pack bottles & turn them into kids water bottles. Get tutorial here