1. DIY tricycle planter

This DIY tricycle planter by Deborah is an eco-friendly and creative project that makes for a great addition to your garden. Simply cut and repurpose a plastic bottle, paint bottle caps for wheels, and assemble the tricycle using sticks and glue.

Add personal touches with paint and decorations, then fill it with plants or flowers for a charming garden display. See how you can help reduce waste while adding a touch of uniqueness to your outdoor space with this fun DIY tricycle planter. Get tutorial here

2. DIY dandelion lanterns

Get creative with plastic bottles and paper to make these enchanting dandelion lanterns. Repurpose clear plastic water bottles, cut and curl paper designs, then tape them to the outside of the bottles.

Illuminate the lanterns with LED candles or string lights for a magical effect. It's time to make a wish and add a touch of whimsy to your space! Get tutorial here

3. Vertical garden ideas

Discover 13 creative plastic bottle vertical garden ideas in this guide by Balconygardenweb. From a half plastic bottle vertical garden on a wooden frame to a pyramid garden and plastic bottles on walls, these ideas are perfect for DIY enthusiasts and recycling lovers.

Save the environment while showcasing your indoor or outdoor plant display with these inspiring soda bottle garden projects. Get tutorial here

4. DIY wind spinner

Learn how to make playful wind spinners using a 2-liter soda bottle or any other size you prefer. Hang them from a tree or place them on a dowel in the ground for a whimsical touch to your outdoor space.

All you need is a soda bottle, X-Acto knife, acrylic paint, a dowel, and some basic hardware. Follow the step-by-step instructions and get creative with your designs. Get tutorial here

5. DIY string light lamp

Learn how to create a stylish and hidden lighting feature with this DIY concrete lamp project. The step-by-step video tutorial guides you through the process, which requires minimal tools.

Start by cutting PVC and creating a form using water bottles. Pour concrete into the form, ensuring the bottle stays centered. After curing, remove the PVC and sand any rough edges. Drill holes for the string lights and secure them with hot glue.

Finally, assemble the lamp and enjoy the beautiful ambient lighting it provides.  Get tutorial here

6. Self-watering planters

In this DIY project, Nancy shares how to create stylish and self-watering planters by upcycling soda bottles. Cut the bottles and create a snug fit between them using bottle tops, then seal any gaps with clear silicone caulk.

After drying, tape and protect the edges, then spray paint the bottles with gold paint. Drill holes in the lids and insert absorbent yarn for the self-watering system. Fill the base with pebbles and the tops with soil and plants. Add water to the base as needed, and enjoy your cute planters. Get tutorial here

7. DIY geode crystal planter decor

Next, Laura shows us how to make geode crystal planters for your home decor with this simple and affordable DIY project. Using empty plastic bottles, craft glue, sea salt, watercolor paints, and varnish, you can transform ordinary planters into beautiful works of art.

Cut the bottles to your desired height, apply craft glue and sea salt for a crystal-like texture, let them dry, remove excess salt, coat the rim with salt, paint the planters with watercolors, add gold accents, seal with varnish, and fill them with your favorite plants or tea lights.

Enjoy the trendy and personalized boho style in your home without breaking the bank. Get tutorial here

8. Turning trash into treasure

Discover creative and easy ways to reuse trash with these zero-waste projects. Repurpose plastic bottles by creating a mini greenhouse for plants or a bird feeder by making x-shaped holes and inserting sticks or spoons. Embrace sustainability and have fun while giving new life to everyday items. Get tutorial here

9. DIY bird feeder

Reduce waste and get creative by upcycling plastic into a DIY bird feeder. Rinse and clean a plastic bottle, cut it into sections, and paint the bottom part. Use pistachio shells and paint to decorate the top part. Make holes and attach a wire for hanging.

Fill the feeder with bird food and place it in a safe location for visiting birds. Help the environment and provide a reliable food source for birds with this simple and sustainable project. Get tutorial here

10. How to reuse leftover shampoo bottles

Repurpose your leftover shampoo bottles with these creative ideas! Turn them into a coat rack, sponge holder, bag organizer, phone charger holder, nail polish cubby, yarn/string storage, or a multi-functional organizer. Cut, melt, or modify the bottles to suit your needs.  Get tutorial here

11. DIY festive cloche

Create a festive dome decoration using a soda bottle with this Dollar Tree DIY project. Remove the label and plastic ring from the bottle, cut it carefully, and smooth the edges. Arrange your desired items inside a round glass candle holder and secure them with glue.

Add snow or powder snow to the inside of the dome, and attach a topper using a plastic ornament and strings. Paint the candle holder if desired, then glue the dome onto it. Let everything dry, and enjoy your new holiday decor! Get tutorial here

12. DIY wire & cement cactus

Get creative with cement and wire by making a minimalist cactus decoration. Cut and shape gardening wire into a cactus form, adding handmade barbs if desired. Use a plastic bottle as a mold and pour cement into it, letting it set.

Transfer the cement base to a milk carton for a rounded shape. Wrap twine around the base for texture and add decorative elements like ribbon flowers. Enjoy your trendy homemade cement and wire cactus, perfect for boho or desert-themed decor. Get tutorial here

13. More recycled crafts

This guide by Abbie provides several creative ways to repurpose old household items into useful and decorative objects. It includes instructions for making a hanging planter from a shampoo bottle and plastic bottles. These DIY crafts are eco-friendly and can add a playful touch to your home decor. Get tutorial here