How To Make A Dome Out Of A Soda Bottle

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I saw this cute Dollar Tree project and decided I wanted to make one. The items that did not come from the Dollar Tree were the bottle brush trees, powder snow, figurine, spray paint and the plastic ornament I used for the topper. Those items were from left over craft projects.

Remove the paper from the soda bottle. Remove left over glue that is stuck on the bottle with hot water and either a knife or a fingernail. Be careful not to scratch the bottle.  

Remove the plastic ring from the neck of the bottle with wire cutters or

a knife. Using a hand saw, cut above the lip of the bottle. Use sand paper to remove any rough edges.

Place a piece of tape just under the line located near the bottom of the

bottle 1 ½ inches or so from the end of the bottle.

Cut in a line right above the tape using the tape as your guide.

After cutting, remove any rough edges with sandpaper.  

Place the items for the inside of the dome on the round glass candle holder. Make sure your items will fit in the center of the candle holder without touching the sides of the soda bottle. When you are happy with the placement of your items, glue the items down with adhesive glue or hot glue. Let dry completely.

You can use salt, snow flakes or powder snow for this project. I chose the powder snow because it was a finer flake, and easier to use than the snow flakes.

To glue the dome to the candle holder, run a bead of glue around the rim. Place the dome on top of the candle holder. Place something on top to hold the dome in place while drying. While the dome is drying on the base, run a bead of glue around the outside of the dome. Place a small amount of the snow all around the edge of the candle holder base.

Add the snow to the inside of dome.  I found it easier to pour the snow onto a piece of paper and then pour inside the dome.

For the topper I used a plastic ornament. I cut two pieces of gold cord in two different lengths. I glued tiny snowflakes to the ends of the strings.

I glued the strings to the plastic ornament and let dry. I dropped the snowflakes down into the dome and glued the topper to the top of the dome.

I could only find a black candle holder at my Dollar Tree, so I painted it Metallic Gold to go with my theme.  

Place a large amount of glue in the center of the candle holder you are placing the dome on. Once the dome is in place, Let dry. This was a fun project to do!

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Suggested materials:
  • Ornament   (Dollar Tree)
  • Round Candle holder for base
  • Candle Holder to display Dome on
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  • Jo Thomas Jo Thomas on Nov 17, 2017

    Did you use a 2 or 3 liter bottle?

  • Eva Marie Turner Eva Marie Turner on Dec 15, 2017

    This is so cute and unique; you could also do a valentine theme with roses or heart shapes. Just wondering; could you put water in these to make a water globe effect?

  • Nancy Whitworth Nancy Whitworth on May 26, 2020

    I love this! Can you please tell me where you purchased the ornament on top? I don't see it in the supply list. Thanks

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