How to Make a Cute DIY Christmas Cloche Using a Trifle Dish

Today I am going to show you how to make a beautiful Christmas scene under glass using a few items from your kitchen. This DIY Christmas cloche can be used in your holiday decor or as a centerpiece on a tablescape. Here's how easy it is to make:

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Wrapping LED lights around the embroidery hoop

1. Wrap lights around an embroidery hoop

Now the first thing I want to do is add some light to my scene. What I'm going to end up doing is putting this embroidery hoop right on top of here covered in lights.

So I'm going to start by just wrapping the lights around the hoop. What this does is it gives the lights a place to stay so they are not moving around or getting pushed around when I start to put the other decorations on.

I'm going to leave the battery pack hanging out so that I can turn it on and off.

Placing the embroidery hoop on a cake stand

2. Place the embroidery hoop

I'm going to set this right in the middle. It doesn't have to be perfect; I just want it to sit in the middle of my tray.

I'm using a cake stand. You could also use a platter, a tray, or even a charger that you have with your dishes.

Adding a moose to the Christmas scene

3. Add decorations

Now I'm going to start adding some decorations to this. I've gathered a few bottle brush trees here that I think are just adorable.

I use these every year when I decorate and I thought they'd be perfect in this little scene this year. I also have a moose that's gonna sit on here.

Topping the scene with faux snow

4. Top with faux snow

Now to make it look like a winter scene we're going to add some fake snow. This is pretty messy but we are just going to sprinkle to catch on the moose and the trees and I want it to look like it's snowing.

I also want to make sure that I cover these lights and the embroidery hoop so that it looks like the light is shining through the snow.

Setting the trifle dish on the cake stand

5. Set the trifle dish on top

I'm going to take my trifle dish and set this over the top. I'm going to try to get most of the snow inside there. You could use a big punch bowl or a glass vase, anything that's got a large opening on the bottom and is kind of tall.

Wrapping an evergreen garland around the base

6. Wrap a garland around the base

Now I do want to finish this off a little bit because this is pretty crisp and clean. I have some evergreen branches here and we're just going to wrap these around the base.

It doesn't need to be attached or glued. It's just going to kind of sit there to look nice and then I can wrap another piece to give it some height.

DIY Christmas cloche

DIY Christmas cloche

Now this is going to make a gorgeous centerpiece on a table or even on an end table or a Christmas vignette in my home just as a place to add some light and it's got this beautiful nice and airy look.

Once in place, you can add more faux snow around the sides and on top. Those lights are on a timer. They're going to go on and off throughout the day and we have a striking centerpiece for the holiday season.

I hope you found this inspiring and that you are going to go create something like this for your home. Grab a cake plate and a tall dish and put together a beautiful Christmas scene for your table.

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