How to Make 5 Cute DIY Christmas Centerpieces

I am going to show you a few really simple, fun, and cute DIY Christmas centerpieces and vignettes. I'll show you some fun holiday-themed centerpieces that I like to make and how I style them up in vignettes as well.

So let's get started on these DIY snow-globe-inspired crafts!

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1. Christmas tree car scene

The first one is going to involve some toy cars, bottle brush trees, baker's twine, scissors, and a little bit of faux sparkly snow. We're going to create a snow-globe-inspired scene.

Adding snow and a Christmas tree to a toy truck

This is a vintage toy truck that I found on Amazon. I just want to kind of get the look that this truck just went to the Christmas tree farm and cut their tree down and they're bringing it home.

Place a Christmas tree on the back of the vehicle

So what I am going to do is get one of my bottle brush trees, pop it on the back of the truck, and add some faux snow.

Tying baker's twine around the Christmas tree and car

You can also tie the Christmas tree to the back of the car or truck using baker's twine. Firmly tie the tree with a double knot to the car.

Adding faux snow to the glassware

Add faux snow to the glassware

Okay, you can either choose to be done here if you don't want to put it into any glassware, but I highly recommend the glassware. That's what really makes it kind of more of a centerpiece. You can use a cloche, cookie jar - anything really.

Discover more DIY Christmas jar ideas and crafts here.

Placing the truck and Christmas tree in the glassware

Place the truck or car in glassware

Then, place the car inside on the snow. I also added another Christmas tree. You can shuffle things around as you see it and add what you like.

Mason jar snow globe

You could also use a Mason jar...

Christmas scene in a bowl
Placing the lid on the Christmas cake stand centerpiece

...or even a glass bowl or cake stand.

2. Ornament cloche

Now this one involves plastic Christmas tree ornaments, which you can get anywhere. Plastic is better.

Filling the glass cloche with ornaments

Simply fill up your glass cloche with ornaments. You might see a few that are kind of close in color. You can just easily shuffle them around.

Flipping over the ornament cloche

Then, flip it over! I reuse this cloche for every season and fill it with whatever I like. I also spray-painted the base gold.

DIY Christmas ornament cloche

3. Wood slice scene

If you don't have glassware, it's no problem at all. I also love to find these little wood slices at my local craft store.

Adding faux snow to the scene

Similar to the first centerpiece, place some little ornaments, such as a little deer and Christmas tree, then top with faux snow. That's it.

Deer Christmas scene on a wood slice

4. Pine cone Christmas tree

This next idea uses pine cones. You can get them at a craft store or forage for them yourself.

Hot-gluing pom poms to a pine cone

Hot glue mini pom poms onto the pine cone so that it looks like a Christmas tree. It takes a little while to stick them all on, but it looks really effective.

I'm using traditional red, white, and green, but you can use whichever color scheme you like.

Pine cone Christmas tree in a Mason jar

Here's one I made earlier. I spray-painted it gold and placed it inside a mason jar with some faux snow.

5. Christmas pick cloche

How to make a simple Christmas cloche

Finally, here's another super-simple DIY Christmas centerpiece idea. Grab a Christmas pick and place it up in the cloche. Add some faux snow to the base. Then place the cloche lid down. Easy!

Christmas pick cloche

How to style a Christmas vignette

How to style a Christmas vignette

I'm going to show you how I might style this. I usually start with my bigger one first. And then I always like to keep a couple of these wood slices around for really anything, bringing height into a centerpiece.

Vary in your heights on your different projects. You can layer things in and move things around as you see fit. I like to work in groups of three.

DIY Christmas centerpieces and vignettes

DIY Christmas centerpieces and vignettes

You have yourself a really cute centerpiece with these vintage cars, and everybody who sees them always compliments them and asks questions about them. So it's definitely kind of a conversation starter.

What's your holiday style? Are you more traditional? Are you more colorful? So let me know in the comments.

Audrey Kuether
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