How to Make a Dollar Tree DIY Christmas Gingerbread Display

16 Materials
2 Hours

Today, I'll show you how to make a Christmas festive shelf sitter and/or centerpiece filled with gingerbread and peppermint goodness.

This DIY decor project has a real Christmas Farmhouse feel. Let's get started:

Three Dollar Tree Crates

1. Cut off the sides of wooden crates

Begin with three Dollar Tree wooden crates and cut off one side on two and both sides on one.

Creating the large planter.

2. Glue the crates together

Adhere all three crates with Aleen's Tacky glue or wood glue to create one long wooden planter. Allow to dry and cure overnight.

Pick up three Dollar Tree Wooden Arrows.

3. Paint the wood brown

Next, pick up three wooden arrows in various sizes and paint everything in a brown paint. I used Apple Barrel in Nutmeg Brown.

Time to Frost the Faux Gingerbread

4. Use caulk for the frosting

Get a tube of caulking and begin to frost the whole perimeter of the planter.

Give the tops of the arrows a roof line.

5. Add details with craft sticks

Using craft sticks, cut to create the roofs on the tops of the arrows to transform them into houses. Adhere with glue and frost with caulking. Add fine glitter, if desired.

Adding more to the Homestead.

6. Decorate more wood pieces for the display

Add a variety of smaller wood pieces to fill the planter with life. Paint, frost, and add glitter to keep the look cohesive.

Creating Embellishments with Hot Glue.

7. Fill a silicone mold with hot glue

Using a decorative silicone mold, fill it with hot glue and allow the glue to set.

Paint hot glue pieces.

8. Paint red and white

Once the glue is set, pop out of the silicone mold and paint with desired colors and patterns. I did red and white for a peppermint theme.

Embellish the houses.

9. Add candy embellishments

Using the hot glue embellishments and other desired pieces; let's make the houses beautiful. I used plastic peppermints, plastic candy canes, and ribbons. Add floral foam to the planter and press in the arrow houses.

Making faux lollipops.

Using small wooden dowels, peppermint striped ribbon, plastic peppermints, and gingham ribbon; we'll make some faux lollipops. You can use striped paper straws too. Paint the floral foam white.

Final reveal

DIY Christmas gingerbread display

Embellish with florals, more plastic candy, more ribbon, and a pinwheel and it's complete.

What do you think of this gingerbread Candyland scene? Let me know in the comments below.

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Suggested materials:
  • Three Wooden Crates   (Dollar Tree)
  • Three Wooden Arrows   (Dollar Tree)
  • Apple Barrel Nutmeg Brown Acrylic Paint   (Walmart)
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