Turning a CORN CRIB Into a GAZEBO

2 Materials
6 Hours

A unique alternative to a traditional gazebo adds country charm to my backyard.

Several years ago, I saw a corn crib used as a gazebo in a magazine. I loved the idea so much I vowed to one day have one.

On a whim, I shared my idea with a neighbor and asked him to keep an eye out for a corn crib at auctions or online.

To my surprise, he had one on his property that was no longer being used and told me I could have it. I went to take a look at it and it was PERFECT.

The hardest part was figuring out how to get it from his farm to mine. Our farms are connected in the back by fields and because of the height of the corn crib and the telephone lines at the street, coming from the front of the property was not an option.

Transporting the corn crib via hay wagon

This process was done with the help of two bobcats and a hay wagon.

Each operator gently lifted the corn crib by its base using forks and gently set it down on the wagon.

SLOW ride...take it easy

Next was the slow and steady trip from my neighbor's property to mine. I held my breath hoping the tractor wouldn't hit a bump and send the corn crib flying off the deep end.

Slowly making its way to its new home.

Last year was the first year in history in which we received so much rain that the field wasn't planted with crops. Otherwise, this route wouldn't have been an option.

Welcome home!
Bobcat ballet

With fine precision, the guys gently slid the corn crib into it's new resting spot. This area was prepared by digging a base, tamping it down, and adding a layer of gravel.

Time to decorate!

I created a seating area and filled the corn crib with remnants I had on hand. The benches were made with locker doors and the table was made from using a bench from a trellis that stood in this exact spot.

Ladder overhead

I hung a ladder from the ceiling and strung solar lights from it and around the perimeter. They automatically come on at night.

Taking shape!

I added shutters and painted them the same bright yellow color of the doors on my house.

I absolutely love it!

Now the focal point of my backyard, I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out! It can be seen from the street and I often catch people slowing down in their cars to have a better look.

Come tour my corn crib gazebo!

I have several videos on both YouTube and TikTok showing clips of the gazebo being brought over as well as updates on decorating.

Please feel free to follow me!

Suggested materials:
  • Corn crib   (From a neighbor)
  • Gravel   (driveway)
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