How can I convert 2 french doors into one barn door?

by Honey

We have 2 (2’ ea) glass paine french doors 80” tall that I would like to use to make one opaque barn door 84” tall. The width is ok even if it. Is a little large.

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  • Lifestyles Homes Lifestyles Homes on Jul 07, 2019

    You can buy barn door hardware kits. You’ll need to shop carefully so that the trolly will accommodate the thickness of your doors.

    You'll be adding a top & bottom “rail” to get the extra 4” of height. I would dowel it in and use wood glue & clamps.

    Since you’re hanging it where there is probably no header in the wall, why do you want a commercial height door?

    This is going to be extra work for you:

    Inside standard residential constructed doorway framing for a 36” wide opening is a 2x6 header, on edge. It may be a 2x4 header on a 32” wide door.

    Do you see what I’m explaining? One can’t hang a door off of drywall alone. You may not have enough height with the height w/ the existing header. You’ll have to do some exploratory drilling.

    Also The header isn’t any longer than the existing width of the door, so what happens to those brackets at the end of the track? You’ll need to find the studs there.

    A solution is to screw in a new place exposed taller header, first cutting out the drywall, so that it’s recessed 1/2”. It will be finished to match your doors.

  • Honey Honey on Jul 07, 2019

    There is an existing 32” wide door frame(molding)). I was planning on joining the 2 doors together since I only have room on the left to slide the door. By “rail” what do you suggest? Thanks for the info about the header. Looks like you have the experience I sorely need. I appreciate the feedback.

  • Sharon Sharon on Jul 12, 2019

    Here you go, but you will have to make the doors longer to accomodate the hardware, header....