8 answers
  • Sandy Murray Sandy Murray on Jul 07, 2017
    Close them in with curtains, sashes and valances

  • Sharon Sharon on Jul 07, 2017
    Curtains covering the sides of the windows partially, and a valance on top.

  • Eroque022810 Eroque022810 on Jul 07, 2017
    Why would you want to do that to one of the most treasured items in a home? Anyway, add a middle curtain as well as the side ones so eye is tricked into thinking there is a wall there as well and it's two windows not one.

    • Shirley Heikkinen Shirley Heikkinen on Jul 07, 2017
      Go a step further and use trim matching the exterior of your home's window trim on the outside to make it look like two windows and repeat on the onside to match interior trim.

  • Have your window coverings the same color as your wall. Get creative with furnitureplacement. Just curious though, why try and hide possibly one of the best features in a room?

  • Sunny C Sunny C on Jul 07, 2017
    Hello Helen; Nice to meet you!!
    Window Shades and Curtains will work wonders. If you already have these items, What about using different colors?
    Sometimes, all that is needed is just a slight update, with something new to you. Even pillows will make the room feel different. Paint, depending on the color that you choose is also a huge factor.
    I hope that this will help you, and give you a few ideas!!! Take Care!

  • Raven Farmer Raven Farmer on Jul 07, 2017
    Why would you want to make large windows appear smaller? If your determined to close up the outdoors, curtains make a window look smaller

  • Patty Chadwick Patty Chadwick on Jul 07, 2017
    light curtains framed by darker ones.

  • Lora Lora on Jul 07, 2017
    Curtains hanging straight down, partially covering sides of windows, and/or a valance.