Need to hide an old window

  7 answers
  • Mogie Mogie on Apr 11, 2018
    Put it in the garage and drape a blanket over it.

  • Lynn Lynn on Apr 11, 2018
    large bookshelf, hang a mirror over it, some beautiful curtains, roll down rattan blinds, hang artwork, sliding barn door...

  • Cynthia H Cynthia H on Apr 11, 2018
    Is it in an existing interior wall? I have one between two rooms. I treat it just like I do the other window in the room, with a linen shade and drapes.

  • Sharon Sharon on Apr 11, 2018
    Need photo please. Are you talking about hiding an already installed old window inside or outside your house?

  • Janet Panos Janet Panos on Apr 11, 2018
    Hello! You can decorate a window to look like a picture. In fact, if you type those exact words in the Google search box online, you will see examples of how that looks! Pretty fantastic! You can create one yourself by either using a poster or other artwork. Good luck!

  • Shannon Shannon on Apr 11, 2018
    which side do you want to hide? so it's hidden from Outside View or the inside View? For Inside, I would cover it with a drape Or bamboo roller shade, Or maybe try a plastic self stick faux stainglass film that is sold in Home Depot.

  • Nan W. Nan W. on Apr 12, 2018
    Cover the window with a giant piece art --- a canvas. You can get some cheap ones at Marshalls, At Home, or even big box hardware stores.