What is the best way to cover the window wells for basement windows?

by BoB B
I have three window wells for my basement windows. (Small standard windows with sliders to open for fresh air. I don't open them much at all. Maybe once a year if that, depending on weather conditions.)
Every other year or sooner, I purchase those plastic covers that help to keep the leaves and animals out of the window well. There are two sizes readily available. Neither size fits very good. There is no easy way to fasten them s o they don' t blow away. I usually put small boards and/or paving bricks against the bottom of the plastic covers so they don't blow away.
I noticed they will need to be replaced again this year. They are cracked and falling apart. There must be some easier / better / economical way of protection the basement windows from debris and animals.
Thanks for your assistance.
basement window with cover.
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