23 Breathtaking Ways to Dress Up a Plain Plastic (Or Glass) Ornament

Those ordinary ball ornaments aren't much to look at - til you do THIS

By Hometalk Highlights

Make one icy with sea salt

With a little floor cleaner and a pinch of salt, make ornaments that will go on glittering.

Turn one jadeite with paint

Jadeite is still a decor trend that everyone loves, so why not bring it to your tree?

Give one some gold-dipped elegance

Nothing says high-end holiday decor like two toned metallic ornaments!

Use one to make your tree a little sweeter

This simple design is also super sweet. Turn an empty ball into a tasty cupcake with sprinkles.

Turn a few into golden acorns

It's still acorn season, so get in the spirit, with these faux golden acorns.

Use one as a family photo frame

Put your favorite family shots into plastic ornaments, so they can shine from your tree.

Cover one in snowy flakes

Using ripped up toilet paper pieces, turn plain ornaments into fluffy (convincing!) snowballs.

Top one off with a mini bouquet

Turn the top of a boring ornament into a floral arrangement, with pretty living elements.

Make one shine using rice

This shocking trick actually works splendidly! Dip a glue-covered ball in rice and try it.

Fill one with last year's Christmas lights

Take those dead Christmas lights and fill an ornament with them, for a holiday memory!

Turn one into a shimmering snow globe

A sweet snow globe inside one of your free ornaments will make your tree look amazing.

Make one into Frosty the Snowman in minutes

With tiny styrofoam balls, you can turn a plastic or glass ball into an instant snowman.

Transform it into a shaker with letter dice

Make fun word shaker ornaments using letter dice and a few winter details.

Set up a dreamy woodland scene in one

Create a snowy ground using fluffy filling, and then set an adorable woodland scene in a ball.

Cook popcorn in one for a snowy setup

Did you know you could do this? Cook popcorn in a glass ornament (glass!!) for instant snow.

Use one to remind you of warm summer days

Fill an ornament with sand from your last beach trip, to bring some warmth to Christmas.

Turn a few into keepsakes for kids

Add tags with your child's birthdate and name to an ornament and then pack in the pretty details.

Pair one with a mason jar for a full snowman

Turn an ornament into charming tabletop decor, by making a full friendly snowman.

Add feathers to make one angelic

Create these sweet angel wing ornaments with feathers and a heartwarming message.

Make a few tasty with hot cocoa ingredients

Fill ornaments with tasty hot cocoa ingredients for a quick and clever gift anyone would love.

Use one to hold a winter wonderland

Make a bottle brush tree for this winter wonderland escape inside a plastic/glass ball.

Try a hilarious design with a melted snowman

Make the snowman that was, by adding some salt and melted features to an ornament.