13 Surprising Shortcuts to Starting Seeds Indoors

These downright brilliant tricks will help you get ready for gardening!

By Hometalk Highlights

Cut seeds with a nail clipper, then soak them

Snip the seeds just a bit, soak them overnight, and prepare for seedlings just 3 days later!

Make a mini greenhouse from a water bottle

Time to reuse! Turn plastic bottles into tiny greenhouses to encourage your seeds.

Turn leftover k-cups into cozy planters

Finally, a use for those tiny white coffee pods that will actually help the earth!

Pick the right temperature for the plant type

Some plants, like lemon trees, prefer warmer temperatures to germinate, so know your seeds.

Use an empty insert to compact your medium

As you're readying your soil medium, use empty inserts or pots to pack down the filled ones.

Plant seeds in nutrient-rich eggshells

Eggshells aren't only a cute nest for your seeds, they're nutritious and can go right in the ground.

Make biodegradable newspaper pots

Fold newspaper into seedling pots - they retain moisture and can be buried with the plant root.

Or use toilet paper tubes to plant

If you don't feel like folding up newspapers, line a TP tube with paper and use that instead.

Put them on a damp paper towel in Tupperware

Jump start seedlings by laying them on a wet paper towel & sealing them in a Tupperware.

Instead of a heat pad put trays on the washer

Instead of spending on a heat pad, arrange your trays atop your warm clothing washer.

Sprinkle cinnamon on your soil mix

Add some cinnamon to your soil mix to use its antifungal and antimicrobial benefits.

Start some seed varieties in the fridge

Some plants prefer extreme cold. Apple seeds can stratify in the fridge before planting.