Starting A Garden Using Mulch Only

Where to begin. I'm moving to Florida at the end of May (should arrive on or about the 30th) 2013. The property does not have an existing garden so I will have to install one. I do not own a tiller either. Additionally I do not want to miss planting time either so I will have something to harvest in the not to distant future.
I was told by someone who lives in central Florida (Zone 9a to be more precise) I could collect mulch from a local landfill (not in the landfill itself, but a separate cleaner area) and this is what she uses for her garden/gardening.
So, my question is, can I start a garden using mulch only that I build up much like a lasagna garden or raised bed (without the wooden form around it)? This is my own very first garden and I really need my plants to be successful due to money issues for me and my friend who is recovering from cancer.
Any helpful advice is greatly and graciously appreciated!
starting a garden using mulch only, gardening, raised garden beds, Seeds sprouting in my flats
Seeds sprouting in my flats.
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