The Hidden Weatherizing Tip!

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Looking to save money on utilities? Check out this oft overlooked weatherizing area!
Floor registers. Most of us have them. Ours do nothing for our nice floors, wouldn't you say?! But that's not why we're here. Ever pull up one of your registers and see what's going on down there? Not a bad idea to give it a look.
This one here, like all of our floor registers, had gaps (some huge!) between the ductwork and all the construction that makes up our floors/basement ceilings. I wondered, how sealed up is everything within all those areas? Not much I'm sure -- I bet if I took out the duct (which I won't), peeked around, I bet everything is open to everything else all the way to the foundation walls. Yeah, the house flipper we bought from was bad.
Sooooo...I then wondered if cold air was coming in through these gaps or if the gaps were stealing my pricey heated or cooled air.
Such an easy fix with some silver foil HVAC duct tape. Not the duck tape, or the gummy sticky tape, but the silver foil tape. I patched up all the gaps. Be sure to give the vent a quick vacuum while you're there too!
Amazingly, there's a difference in the house -- it does feel a tad warmer. Huh! For a few bucks, why not, right?
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