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Dorothy Thonw
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Asked on Feb 13, 2016

Back yard waterfall ideas

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I want to ideas of see small back yard water features please.
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  • Sherrie Slaboda
    on Feb 14, 2016

    @Dorothy Thonw I have a big pond so I am giving you a little pond advice. Explain more about what you want with small back yard water features. The more we know, the more we can help. Just for the record I live in Florida but Miami has more options.

  • Sherrie Slaboda
    on Feb 15, 2016

    @Janet Pizaro I try to help if I can and can warn people starting a NEW project. I started with 4x6 preformed pond. Then decided on a pond less waterfall. I know the good/bad about each so if I can help someone I will. If not, that is OK. There are many choices today.

    • Janet Pizaro
      on Feb 15, 2016

      @Sherrie Slaboda Ok but your response was a little questionable thats all you seem to be a bit touchy on the situation so it is what ever. It does not matter where you live. The point is your comment was so to speak a little abrupt to answer for someone that was just looking for ideas.

  • I Love
    on Mar 25, 2017

    What is a small backyard?

    I can point you in the direction of lots of different ideas. Im personally very passionate about utilizing turning smalls spaces in landscapes into awesome little paradises.

    Depending on the size of the space and the budget you are looking to spend you can do anything from a micro pond, to a small pondless waterfall, or my personal favorite for tiny spaces are pondless fountainscapes.

    here is a link you might find useful for you backyard dreaming:

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