Asked on Mar 26, 2012

This is our first time participating in a large home show...any pointers or words of wisdom? Thanks in advance!

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  • Miriam I
    on Mar 26, 2012

    I've done quite a few so I can chime in here: First of all--good luck! It's a great experience, very tiring but very rewarding. The first thing is to determine what you want to achieve at the show and make sure that everything you do is conducive to that goal. Clearly you are there to get business, but defining what kind of business, what type of customers, etc. helps keep you focused on maximizing your efforts during your time there. Also, define what success looks like before the show is start so that you can evaluate each day and tweak things in the process if necessary. *Make sure your booth sign has your company names in large lettering. When I'm walking the floors at a home show, I get confused between the name of the company and the names of the products they offer. *Try and do/share something memorable. Whether it's something different in your booth display, a cool handout, anything creative and different you can come up with. The reason is that with so much going on, people tend to remember the things that stand out. Finally--I really think that building relationships and helping people goes a long way. Similar to the way professionals offer advice on Hometalk, if you are able to communicate the same way with homeowners at the show, I truly believe that is better than any sales tactic. Best of luck!

  • JD Kitchens, Baths & More
    on Mar 26, 2012

    We just finished one this past weekend. Make sure to have a show special and bring sample colors. Offer a show special and a sale end date. ( call to action) offer a free sink. If you don't sell faucets you should add them to your line up for increased revenue. push your website::: brochures and business cards. One thing that might help is customers will bring plans and you really will not have time to quote ( if you are busy) so have square footage pricing. we do it 45 to 55 sf. the cut out and under mount fee, only offer 2 edges for the sale price. (if you have a sale price) . Make sure to price the product in your booth. we cover many projects, so we cover the tear out, the product the sink and the faucet. The cut out and under mount. back splash. garbage disposal and drains. dishwasher remount and hook up. and the floor under. We like to streamline as much as we can. Because we do all surfaces, a question I have not heard in a long time is "What is the difference between Quartz and Granite" I must have been asked that 50 times or more. Have a quick reference sheet to handout so you don't have to keep repeating yourself. Depending on who the speakers are at your show, we had the young guys from HGTV and we were the first booth next to the stage and the topic was Quartz and we just happened to be showing Ceaserstone. That is what they were talking about the problem was the new products from Ceaserstone have not been released, but they had access to them and everybody came right to our booth looking to see the new product not yet released. so it would help you to find out the topic that might be being spoken about to arm yourself. Good luck and have fun with your show. I

    on Mar 28, 2012

    We just finished a large Atlanta home show over the weekend and actually won "Best In Show" this time- which was a first for us! You want to make sure to create a booth or display that draws attention ...even if your product is not something someone is currently interested you want to stand out in their mind later so that when the time is right...they will remember you. Make sure you have friendly staff working the event that won't pressure or annoy show attenders as well. I have a rule to not allow anyone to use cell phones or computers while working because I do not want them to appear bored or uninterested in what's going on. Feel free to email me for more info or advice! :) Candice- EXOVATIONS

  • Phoenix Stone Solutions
    on Mar 29, 2012

    If anyone has pictures I would love to see them! Thanks for replies so far...very helpful.

  • Phoenix Stone Solutions
    on Mar 31, 2012

    What do you guys recommend for the actual booth or space? I am having trouble deciding how to cover the cack curtains...ideas?

  • Miriam I
    on Apr 1, 2012

    Well, that will depend a lot on your budget. Do you have any signs made up? Do you have anything in your office/showroom that would be suitable to put there? I've seen companies do picture boards showcasing the work they've done. If you do that, just make are the pictures are large enough to see. Any props that can help educate buyers on your product are good too.

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