Asked on Aug 15, 2016

Tips on creating a unique spice rack for the kitchen

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Any advice or DIY hacks to create a unique spice rack to sit on the kitchen counter or hang on a wall in the kitchen?
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  • Janet Pizaro
    Janet Pizaro
    on Aug 16, 2016

    Research They always have the solution.

  • Suzette
    on Aug 16, 2016

    An old wood soda crate makes a great spice rack! You can hang it on the wall, over the stove, or, put it on it's side for countertop! :)

  • Skyval
    on Aug 16, 2016

    Look on Hometalk for the one made right into the studs of the wall , it's so neat and you can find beautiful wooden racks lots of places for sale , even thrift shops have great ones .

  • Jemma Dee
    Jemma Dee
    on Aug 17, 2016

    You can do something similar to the mug shelf that I created. It sits on the counter up against the refrigerator and holds 12 mugs. It was made with 1 x 4's (you can use 1 x 3's for spices) and goes from the front of the counter to the back (23") and is as tall as the bottom of the upper cabinet. It holds 2 rows of mugs. For a spice rack, you will need to stack up some spice bottles to measure how high you want it. Remember to add 3/4" for each shelf thickness and 1-1/2" for the top and bottom thicknesses of wood. That is the measurement of your 2 side pieces. Then cut your top and bottom pieces plus one or two shelves at 22". Your home improvement store can cut the wood for you. I just glued and nailed mine together and then painted it. Finish it to your taste. (P.S. choose a fine quality of wood for fine finishes or rougher quality for more rustic finishes)

  • Leighanne Walker
    Leighanne Walker
    on Aug 17, 2016

    I bought a hanging shower rack (the ones that hang from the shower head) that had 3 racks & hooks on the bottom. My husband cut the hanger part off at the top edge of the top rack. I now have a 3 rack with hooks that hangs on the wall next to my stove. It's deep enough to hold the big large spice bottles or two deep of the regular size bottles. I hang my kitchen scissors, measuring spoons & trivits from the hooks on the bottom.

  • Susan Davia
    Susan Davia
    on Jan 15, 2019

    I used old wooden coke and pepsi crates

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