Add a woven pattern to your medicine nook

The basketweave background upgrades this small nook to a decor shelf. Get tutorial here

Use a patterned floor tile

It adds design and class to your bathroom. Get tutorial here

Add a pop of colorful turquoise tile

Who says paint is the only way to get some color? These bright tiles are sophisticated and fun. Get tutorial here

Insert a permanent rug of mosaic tiles

It adds design and you’ll never have to wash it. Get tutorial here

Span a thick line of black and grey tiles

A thick line of shaded tiles around your bathroom decorates without it feeling too overwhelming. Get tutorial here

Add a textured patterned weave

White walls draw focus to the floor without it feeling too boring. Get tutorial here

Use reclaimed wood tile

Wood doesn’t work in moist places, but this faux wood tile is perfect. Get tutorial here

Install a reclaimed brick floor

We love this floor idea that brings so much color and texture to a plain bathroom. Get tutorial here

Frame your mirror with colorful tiles

Give your bath mirror some style and personality with a colorful mirror frame. Get tutorial here

Or surround it with glass tiles

A frame with like this transforms your mirror from boring to brilliant! Get tutorial here

Tile two-toned hexagons on your floor

Make unique patterns on your floor with this versatile shape. Get tutorial here

Upgrade your tub with glass tile

This easy-to-stick tile creates a professional look for an amateur price. Get tutorial here

Add elegant stone tile

This high-class look will make you forget you’re in your home bathroom. Get tutorial here

Extend the tile past your tub

Making an entire wall of tile blends the tub with the rest of the bathroom. Get tutorial here