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How to Clean Rusty Cast Iron Pans

Cast iron cookware is wonderful for many reasons. A well-seasoned cast-iron skillet is naturally non-stick. ...
Cast iron cookware retains heat — that is, they stay hotter —
Cast iron pans can be used on the stove top as well as in the oven.
And did you know that cooking with cast iron pots and pans can boost your iron intake.
These lovelies DO have some down sides!
They are super heavy.....and since the handles get hot....you have to be pretty careful.
They need to be seasoned well and cleaned carefully to retain the non-stick surface provided by that seasoning.
Sometimes the pans do rust. When they do, it is a simple matter to get them clean.
Cut a potato in half and get out your table salt.
Use some good old elbow grease and rub the potato around the salt in the pan.
You will be amazed at how easily the salt and the moisture from the potato removes the rust.
Give it a good rinse...no soap needed or recommended.
Heat the pan with a little oil and let it cure for a bit.
A clean rust free pan!

To see more: http://sweetwaterstyle.blogspot.com/2016/10/how-to-clean-cast-iron.html

  • Stephanie corley
    Stephanie corley Cordova, TN
    on Oct 23, 2016

    Thank you for this tip. There is nothing like a cast iron prepared steak!

  • Marguerite Crain
    Marguerite Crain Laceys Spring, AL
    on Oct 23, 2016

    Will this work on a cast iron deep pan with lid? I was going to burn it of in my next burn pile....

    • Ramblinrose37
      on Jan 19, 2018

      Yes, it will; in fact, I wish I had known about htis trick about 2 months ago; I had a skillet that had sat in water and gotten rusty; alonmg with the self basting lid; no one had the salt and potatoe trick; I had to doa lot of scouring and re-seasoning...next time, I am grabbing a tater and salt!

  • Marguerite Crain
    Marguerite Crain Laceys Spring, AL
    on Oct 24, 2016

    This is an old rusty pan usually seen at campfires...a big handle with the lid. I don't know what electrolysis is...but I thought just burning of the rust could start the process...and then clean and cure it...thanks for the response..

  • Fran Eriksen
    Fran Eriksen
    on Oct 25, 2016

    he curing process which is the last step can also be done in the oven about 300 degrees for maybe 10 minutes, you don't want it to smoke, turn off the oven and leave it until the next day . all cured, white with a paper cloth and you are ready to cook

  • Meredith Phillips
    Meredith Phillips New Haven, CT
    on Oct 25, 2016

    I'll try this... I had a brand new cast iron deep fry pan get rusty when I left it in the camping crate all summer. It's pretty pitted now. I tried scrubbing with a brillo pad but while that removed some rust the pits are still there. Somehow I doubt that salt and a potato will do better, as the before pic doesn't look that rusty, but I'll try it. Can you explain the electrolysis procedure KathyJb?

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