How can I repurpose old socks?

What ideas do you have? Thank you!
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  • Dianne cuddington Dianne cuddington on Jan 04, 2017
    I use old socks and old underwear to stuff my dogs toys with. It is much better than regular stuffing and washes well.

  • Kar4752408 Kar4752408 on Jan 04, 2017
    Make great dusters..they fit right on your hand and can fit into those odd spaces.

  • Cat McDonnell Cat McDonnell on Jan 05, 2017
    Make sock monkeys or other animals out of them and donate to law enforcement to give to kids that are in car accidents or are part of a domestic call.

  • Cwilson Cwilson on Jan 07, 2017
    I go to the dollar store and get cheap tennis balls. I use old socks to cover them to make dryer balls. The sock covering make the ball stay in one piece longer.

    Another thing ink you can do is put a one liter plastic water bottle inside a sock. It makes a great dog toy. If you put a small stone inside the bottle and put the cap back on it rattles. Most dogs just like the crunchy sound. All you have to do is tie a knot to hold the bottle inside.

  • Sal3170064 Sal3170064 on Jan 08, 2017
    1.Put a tennis ball inside knot then use as a throw for the dog.
    2.Cut off foot part hem then use as arm warmers.
    3.Cut off foot hem and use over plain vases or pots.
    4. Turn into a dolls hat. Cut off foot part. Turn
    inside out, with your hand gather the cut edge together and wrap wool around to bunch it together, tie off then turn back to right side. Add pompom if desired.

  • Wal13132785 Wal13132785 on Jan 09, 2017
    They can also be stuffed with old t-shirts, towels, etc. & if you live in parts of the country where it gets cold, you can use them to in front of outside doors to keep the draft out.

  • I cut them in strips and braid then sew each braid together for an oval rug. about 18x34, big enough to be able to throw into washer when dirty.

  • Jane Jane on Jan 17, 2017
    on hometalk they show you how to use part of a sweater sleeve to make a coffee mug "cozy".

  • Carole Lee Philipps Carole Lee Philipps on Jan 17, 2017
    I use them to cover shoes when packing to travel.

  • BJ BJ on Jan 26, 2017
    Kids sox: Cut off the top and stitch across the raw inside cut edge. Turn right side out and put your playing card deck in it.

  • Lucy Marie Bernier Lucy Marie Bernier on Jan 29, 2017
    Cleaning, Turn them into snowman?

  • Carol Carol on Feb 04, 2017
    I have my potholder loom from the 1940's and still use it to make potholders, which are the best ever. I used to buy bags of loops until I discovered that I could make my own by cutting off the foot of old socks, then using the top portion by cutting across them. (The loops look like large rubber bands. ) Voila! Loops! Thicker socks, cut more narrow, thinner socks require slightly wider loop. Maybe you know a child who has a loom and would be delighted to receive a bag of loops. You can still purchase the little looms at craft stores.