How can I repurpose cat trees?

by Lisa
I have two cat trees that I don't use anymore. Does anyone have any ideas about how to repurpose them?
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  • Linda Garner Linda Garner on Jul 02, 2017

    Give them to your local animal rescue group as they are always looking for items to entertain cats until they find their furever homes ☺

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    • Lisa Lisa on Jul 02, 2017

      Thanks. I lost both cats now so I wanted to get rid of all their things and put them to good use. I gave the vet and the nearest shelter most of their stuff already.

  • Charly Charly on Jul 02, 2017

    Great idea Linda! I never thought of that.

  • Dora Hein-Gedeon Dora Hein-Gedeon on Jul 02, 2017

    Bring them to the SPCA of you region:)

  • Terra Arael Terra Arael on Jul 02, 2017

    With a bit of imagination, make a merry go round.

  • Stephanie Stephanie on Jul 02, 2017

    Maybe you could remove the carpeting, and cut 4 small holes on the top to fit small pots, then stain or paint & make it into an indoor or outdoor planter. I don't mean to be a Debbie Downer, but I'm not sure an animal shelter would take it because it will have your cats scent on it. No harm in calling first to find out. Again, I'm not positive but I'd hate for you to have to lug them around from place to place and then bring them back home. Good luck, if you decide to repurpose them!

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    • Stephanie Stephanie on Jul 02, 2017

      I'd love to see what you end up doing! I just had another thought... depending on how tall it is, you could also make it into a side table for the LR or BR or even for your patio. Maybe a mosaic tile on top, or sea glass or those dollar store colored glass stones.

  • Mamamia Mamamia on Jul 02, 2017

    I agree, add a carpet remnant to the post and donate it to a rescue or animal control in your area

  • Angela Conlin Angela Conlin on Jul 02, 2017

    Please donate to a needy person or donate to a cat rescue organization . There should be postings available in your area for ideas.

  • Judi Judi on Jul 02, 2017

    Freestyle! Someone will want these for their cats.

  • Joanie Joanie on Jul 02, 2017

    All I can see is Horseshoes and a kids game. Cut off top and buy a set of Plastic horseshoes for kids and Voila!! I"m talkin' 5 yr. or older......good outdoor game at a picnic or birthday. Just tryin' to help....

  • Tami Stone Tami Stone on Jul 02, 2017

    That's a awesome idea To take it to animal shelter. When I get rid of old towels & sheets, I take'm down to the Humane Society. And if I have any dog toys or dog clothes that aren't being played with anymore, I take them as well. You could put some carpet cleaner (the little spray kind) on it before you give to aspca/animal shelter. Then your cats scents wouldn't be there... I also like the idea of putting some hooks on the underside of the top piece. You could put your grilling tools on it.

  • Doris Doris on Jul 02, 2017

    I can see it as a small table by taking off the carpeting, painting or staining, putting a thick round glass on top or not and using by a chair,sofa or even by a desk.

  • Shirley Heikkinen Shirley Heikkinen on Jul 02, 2017

    Plant stand!

  • Bernadette Staal Bernadette Staal on Jul 02, 2017

    My idea seems to match others, donate them to a local cat rescue organisation.

  • Linda Garner Linda Garner on Jul 02, 2017

    Thats great and so sorry for your loss😻

  • Mary Nativio Mary Nativio on Jul 02, 2017
    I'll take them

  • Mogie Mogie on Aug 12, 2023

    7 DIY Cat Tree Ideas That Put Your Upcycling Skills to Good Use

  • Janice Janice on Aug 21, 2023

    Use as a plant stand.

  • Betsy Betsy on Aug 21, 2023

    Hi Lisa: You can donate them to the Humane Society or, better yet, to a rescue. Just type "Cat rescues in my area" in your search engine and you should comeup with a bunch.