Can I use shutters or something to give my mobile home personality

I'm looking for shutters or an alternative idea that will pop and give my mobile home distinct personality. We are on the lake but not very nautical. Thanks!
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  • Marcia Potter Marcia Potter on Jan 02, 2017
    I've seen these businesses before, and typically they have everything you would need. Here's the link to 'exterior improvements' on one of the larger sites:
    Good luck with the project!

  • Melinda E McDonald Melinda E McDonald on Jan 04, 2017
    The mobile home I owned has shutters, you can also use wood boards and cut out designs in the middle, for example the shapes of pine trees, moons, hearts or anything that you like. Here is a picture of my mobile with shutters.

  • AmericanWoman AmericanWoman on Jan 04, 2017
    I like brightly covered awnings. What color is your home?

  • Elaine Wilson Elaine Wilson on Jan 07, 2017
    Well I think the biggest problem is not your windows but the colour of the unit. In the summer it would be and easy paint to bring all parts to one basic colour. Try a nice neutral gray , maybe something darker. Then build out under the window so that it looks like it starts at the ground. then a three sided peak on top of this. Making the window look as if it is part of the structure will really make a difference. Shutters will not work because of the nature of the window, two shutters on a three sided window just doesn't cut it.

  • Sharon Sharon on Jan 08, 2017
    I have seen lots of cute shutters with cut outs. You could also do window boxes and plant flowers and you could incorporate a design on the boxes also.

  • Marilyn Marilyn on Jan 14, 2017
    If you want to use shutters get Vinyl ones with a wood grain.If you live in a sunny area wood will dry and crack and need maintenance.Vinyl will add a pop of color and are very easy to install.