French Provincial Mixed Media Desk With Stained ARtwork

For those of you who have seen my other posts, you know that I use stain as my medium in creating furniture art.
I love the French Provincial style and recently came across a gorgeous dining room set at a great price because the elderly couple had to move from their home. It was actually rather sad when we went to pick it all up, as I could see the sadness on their faces as I was taking away many years of love - I imagines the lifetime of holiday dinners around that table. As I was leaving, the daughter pointed out a desk and chair that was also that style and asked if I would be interested in taking it - they would let me have it since I was taking so much off their hands. WOW!! I jumped at the offer (and secretly felt a little guilty).
Oh, if you could have seen all of the fabulous grandfather and old antique clocks this couple had. Absolutely to die for!!
ANYWAY, back to the desk. I came up with a design I wanted to do for the top. I wanted to have a mixed-media look to it, so I knew it would have to be done in layers.
I painted the base with Wise Owl Vintage Duck Egg and the top in Heirloom Traditions Manor House. And then got started on my layers. I believe there were 8 or more layers to the top.
I started with a beehive stencil (this is the only stencil that was used in this work of art). I placed it randomly on the top and then put a wash over it of the Manor house paint.
The next layers were painting damask in a metallic paint (which, in the end, you couldn't tell it was metallic) and covered that with a cross hatch method of paint.
The next layers were painting damask in a metallic paint (which, in the end, you couldn't tell it was metallic) and covered that with a cross hatch method of paint.
Next was the Eiffel Tower, which was all done with stain.
The next layer was the Eiffel Tower (the first French persuasion on this piece)
Can you see the layers coming together...
Next were the showcase artwork!
Daisies and Butterly
And the second French persuasion, the French Bee
Finally, after 8 or so layers, the top was done!
While I was waiting for the stains and paints to dry, I was working on the front and sides.
For the front, I added white daisies
And for the sides, I added butterflies that were done with stain
And a bee trellis. The bees were done with stain and the trellis was done with gold paint.
OK, now let's see it all come together..
You can see much more detail on how I transformed this desk on the link below. You can also follow along on, on, or to see many more of my redesigned furniture using stain you can head over to my website at

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