Do we need to put a tub in a master bath remodel?

Recently purchased at 45 year old home and combining 2 tiny baths into a master bath. Do we "need" to include a bath tub? In doing so we will be taking space out of our closets… which is more valuable?
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  • Pat Helmer Pat Helmer on Dec 19, 2013
    We just bought a house in Florida and the master bath has only a large shower, no tub. Works for us.
  • Southernlady Southernlady on Dec 20, 2013
    A master bath doesn't need a tub BUT only if you already have a tub in another bathroom. When reselling, at least one tub is best. But it can be in the second bathroom.
  • Sherry Williams Sherry Williams on Dec 20, 2013
    As a Realtor I advise you to put in a master bath tub. It is very hard to sell a house that doesn't have a tub in the master bath. Men don't care but many, many women do.
  • LandlightS LandlightS on Dec 20, 2013
    Are you selling the house in the next 3 - 5 years? If not, do what you want....enjoy a large shower for tub necessary. Merry Christmas...Gary
  • Plumbrite Plumbrite on Dec 21, 2013
    the average usage for a tub in the master bathroom is twice a year. I would put in the larger shower and closet.
  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Dec 21, 2013
    The realtors list a bath with a shower only as a 3/4 until this concept is changed, I am afraid I would put in a tub.
  • Rosalie M Rosalie M on Dec 21, 2013
    I feel if there is another bathroom with a tub, then not necessary. No tub at all may affect resale value of the home. If you plan on remaining in the home for retirement, you may want to consider a walk in tub...I never would have thought of this prior to retirement and knee problems.
  • JL Spring & Associates JL Spring & Associates on Dec 21, 2013
    I've got many remodels under my belt and in my homes, the bathtub is used at least 4 times a week and Wifey's book club says with a resounding "Yea!" that a resale without a tub is a "No-Go!" Deal Breaker! If a "walk-in" unit is within the budget, everyone wants one...just pricey when an "add-on" but from a DIY fresh install, they actually sell lots of models on Ebay! Good Luck and Happy Birthday Jesus!
  • Hiline Builders Inc. Hiline Builders Inc. on Dec 21, 2013
    These are all great answers. I would consider a combination of Sherry Willliams/Landlights answers. And then you need to ask yourself- Am I trying to make this the house that I want to live in. Or am I trying to insure my investment will get the best return. If you're planning on staying long term than it's a no brainer. As for my personal preference, I have 1 tub in my house and I haven't used it in 12 years except to wash the dog.
  • Denise Clemons Denise Clemons on Dec 21, 2013
    We are renovating our one and only bath in our home on the SW coast of Florida and we are not putting in a tub. We will have a wheelchair accessible, large-sized shower instead. We are not looking to sell this home, to flip it. It is our forever home. If someone who owns the house somewhere down the road wants to put in another bath with a tub, let them do it. Do what suits you now.
  • We take out master tubs all the time to make a bigger shower. If we leave tubs in, they are usually as small as we can get. Everyone thinks you need a master tub for resale, yet very few people ever use them. A large shower is much more important to almost every one of my customers.
  • Stacie Slaughter-Gottsch Stacie Slaughter-Gottsch on Dec 21, 2013
    I personally would say no, but it should be a really fancy shower! We are planning on taking our garden tub out to put in a shower with steam and stuff! Good luck! As long as there is one bath tub in the house for resale that is all that matters!
  • Becky Arneth Becky Arneth on Dec 21, 2013
    My husband would not buy a house with out a tub. He would be much happier if it were in the master suit but prob could live with a tub in another location. In your case it would depend on much closet you would be losing.
  • Lou Ann Newell Lou Ann Newell on Sep 12, 2015
    As a Realtor I am seeing more and more people getting away from the tub in the master bathroom and going with a nice large shower. As long as there is a tub in another bathroom most people are ok with it.
  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Dec 24, 2015
    Personally, I love my tubby time with lots of hot water and scented bath oil - so never use my shower. Would not buy a home without a tub, no matter how fantastic the shower was. However, you aren't selling so go for it.
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