It All Began With a Post-It Note

5 years ago we moved into a 5 year old house that had wallpaper in every room. Being we were moving from another state with time constraints we hired out for removal of all wallpaper and to re-paint each room. To save a little money I opted to keep the laundry room wallpaper. It wasn't hideous but after living with it for 5 years I wanted a little change.
So the other day I was writing down a few grocery items to pick up and the thought occurred to me that this may be the right size for a pot template. I quickly cut out a form of a pot.
I liked it but i thought that actually making a stamp out of something would make this a much faster project than actually painting inside a stencil or template.
I have an enlargement of a picture I took of beach houses in Australia in my laundry room along with the following picture.
This also hangs in my laundry room. The colors are similar so I decided to use these colors for my pots but I still need to figure out what to use for a stamp because I know I have no sponges. But I do have these....
I had 3 different sizes of foam paint brushes and even though they are smaller that my original plan with the size of the post-it note I decided to go ahead and cut each size into a pot stamp. The handles easily pull off and they are very easy to cut into leaving a plastic piece inside which makes an easy grip for each stamp.
Going with 5 of the predominant colors in the pictures, I began with one stamp in green and did every green pot I wanted to make all at once. Then I did all of the second color, and third, and re-used 2 of the stamps after washing them and letting them dry for the remaining 2 colors.
I did all 5 colors in random, not following any certain pattern and also leaving quite a few with no pots.
This is the completed room. I had to shut the blinds because of the glare but it's so nice and bright and colorful now. Everything you need in a laundry room,
because I had the paint and the foam brushes this was a no cost project Except for my time. I would guess each color took 20 minutes to do. I had to use a ladder to reach the top and over the cabinets.

Brighter picture!!!

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