Asked on Apr 28, 2017

How do I get rid of chipmunks?

Nancy TurnerTcooper9Csr16200510


I live in the city. They have taken over my yard and garden space.
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  • Rick
    on Apr 28, 2017

    i put a big bucket with 3/4 full of water and a piece of wood for the critters to walk up. I put sunflower seeds in the bucket so they cover the top off the water. The critters jump in for a seed and drow.
    Know it's not a nice way but it works
  • Laura
    on Apr 28, 2017

    Chippies, though cute, really wreak havoc in yards, gardens and structures.
    We glue sunflower seeds to rat traps. Works well...
  • Csr16200510
    on Apr 30, 2017

    set a small live trap --- you don't even need to bait it --- but of course, they do like peanuts --- when you capture the chippy --- got and release it near a wooded area
    • Louise
      on Apr 30, 2017

      I'm glad to see someone give a humane solution. Why do people want to kill everything????????
  • Tcooper9
    on Apr 30, 2017

    See what I wrote to gszell55... similar to above.
  • Nancy Turner
    on Apr 30, 2017

    trap and release is the way to go. All living creatures are here for a reason, even chipmunks. If we kill them all, those up the food chain will have to go for something else in the living world. Imagine if the hawks and eagles had to go for what was left including cats, and all of our small dogs, etc.
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