Re-use containers for no-spill solutions

This easy hack is great for cooking with kids.

Fold it in 2 and hang over the door

You’ll never have to organize those spices again.

Turn a filler panel into a pull-out cabinet

It’s the perfect space to store all those plastic containers.

Transform a dresser into a kitchen island

It’s great extra space for your pots and pans.

Create vertical space with a magazine rack

You’ll have easy access to all your cooking magazines.

Create your own produce stand

Keep those bananas and potatoes within reach.

Hang up your pots using crossbars and hooks

You get to display your pot set, and you save the cabinet space for your pans.

Label the compartments in your fridge

Packing lunches are a breeze when you know where everything is.

Store cutting boards on your cabinet door

You get to hide them from view and utilize every space in your kitchen.

Hang your cooking utensils upside down

They won’t take up counter space, and they’ll never get jammed in a drawer.

Keep your condiments organized

Repurpose an empty six pack for this genius idea!

Turn your drawers into organizers

This hack will make your life a whole lot easier!

Display your plates on your wall

Use shelves to keep your space decluttered

Stay neat under the kitchen sink

With just a tension rod and some baskets!

Hang your spices on your fridge

Grab some magnetic spice containers from Ikea!

Make a breakfast storage set

Turn glass jars into the perfect storage!

Customize and colorize your kitchen storage

Brighten up your kitchen while staying neat and tidy!

Hang shelves inside a cabinet

Keep that extra kitchen supplies tucked away and out of site!

DIY a napkin holder

Use dollar store clothespins to hold your napkins!