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Vintage Tea Cart Redone

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8 Hours

This is a sentimental piece purchased for me by my Mother from an estate sale for my BD this year. It is a duplicate of one my Grandmother had in her home. It was in rough shape; dirty, the handle was broken, it had a bit of mold & was stinky. Cleaned it with bleach & sprayed it with killz it as the primer coat. I started out using the Rustoleum Charcoal Grey Spray Chalk Paint and had to switch to the same paint but in brush on due to the heat. The spray chalk paint bubbled in the heat...oh mylanta what a hot mess it was. Note to self don't paint in humid 80+ degree weather again! I had to scrape off the bubbled areas and repaint the entire piece! was so worth it.

The brush on chalk paint naturally crackles in a few areas when you apply it in hot weather (which I like). I had a tough time with the matte clear brush on polyacrylic. It went on too thick and showed lines everywhere. I normally like a smoother finish, but in the end the lines gave it character and made it perfectly imperfect! I was very pressed for time so had to complete the project in one day, whew. So it was another happy accident in the making ;) so without further ado, here it is!
vintage tea cart redone
BEFORE: The handle was broken and it was dirty! Had to remove the wheels and soaked the rubber rings and the front wheels in a hot water bleach solution to get the dirt off.
vintage tea cart redone
IN PROGRESS: So glad the wheels came off easily, just two crews! Was over 80 degrees and the spray chalked bubbled (note to self, way too hot too paint). Had to scrape it off and switch to brush on.
vintage tea cart redone
IN PROGRESS: I used this brush on Rustoleum Chalked Charcoal Grey Piant & Matte Clear for the finish coat.
vintage tea cart redone
IN PROGRESS: Added onlays. Gives it a little more character & charm.
AFTER: Here is the back of the cart.
AFTER: Added my Mother's Italian vintage Silverware Holders, my 25th anniversary silverware, my vintage Bavarian Bone China.
vintage tea cart redone
AFTER: The back of the cart.
vintage tea cart redone
AFTER: My Mom gave me these vintage silverware holders that I painted white. My 25th wedding anniversary silverware. We used a larger screw to reattach the handle because the wood was stripped.
vintage tea cart redone
AFTER: My white & platinum vintage Bavarian Bone china is a perfect fit for this darling tea cart redone!
vintage tea cart redone
AFTER: Added this vintage silver tray that I refinished to pewter. It was a perfect fit! I loved the scalloped edges on this tray, the ornate handles and of course my favorite, that it's footed.
vintage tea cart redone
Added some gluten free lemon poppyseed biscotti in a vintage glass bowl--tea anyone?

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  • Adele DuranGO
    on Jun 28, 2017

    Love it! Especially the scrolly onlays... where did you get these? Nice pewter metallic look.
  • Linda Tremblay
    on Jul 6, 2017

    I have one of these. Do you know what it's worth? Didn't want to touch it to take value away. May do this. Love it.
    • Jeraldinemarie
      on Aug 22, 2017

      I also have an almost identical cart, could not sell it for much, no shop wanted to sell it so I too painted it. I painted the wheels with gold,red,white designs and the legs the same. I left the top the beautiful burl wood as it makes a nice contrast. I have a picture but cannot find it just now. Thanks for sharing your beautiful design.
  • Kim
    on Jul 16, 2018

    How did you remove the wheels?

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  • Rosey Owings
    on Aug 7, 2017

    Love this & your style as well!! Also I think I have the same candle holders that you have! Mine were a wedding gift in 1974!!! They look exactly like yours! 😀😀😀
    • Brocante Living
      on Aug 7, 2017

      Thanks! I bet they are! My Mom may have given them too me. I also frequent thrift stores and repaint items.

  • Kim
    on Jul 16, 2018

    Yes, I saw that block. I will try that. Thank you! And you did a fabulous job!

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