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I have little Sheltie dogs . I like them to smell fresh and clean ,between trips to the groomer. So I got a 2oz size pump spray bottle at Walmart in the travel supply's in the drug store part of Walmart. I then fill the bottle with tap water 3/4 filled, then add some drops of mint oil. I get my mint oil from Amazon. $15.00 for a 4 oz bottle
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The mint oil is 100% pure and natural   oil  Don't just get mint extract ,that is not what you need. As you see I marked on the 2oz bottle how much water  to use ,I put in and top fill 4 drops of mint oil close it up and shake it .always give your self some head space in the bottle with the oil and water so you can mix it well.
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Last summer I switched to a 5oz size bottle for this project. Just remember oil and water don't mix so you will have to shake it well before you use it.
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This is my Sheltie's collar  I make a little cotton sleeve for the collar I make a new fresh one about ever 4 months.  I The fabric cover works well to hold some of the spray ,with out just running off the collar. It will dry on the collar sleeve and last a while ,then just re spray as needed If you start dong this keep and eye on your dogs skin ,to see it is not irritating it's skin.
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Then with the spray on the collar cover ,the collar is put back on the dog. Things that bite dogs don't like that smell and move on. The other thing I do is before we get in the car with dogs I spray the dog's with a light mist of this spray .Then rub it into the dogs hair.  Always start at the back of the head .Never do the face  You don't want to get this in the dog's eyes or mouth. It's to strong. to do that, Believe me a little spray will go a long ways  It might not be good for the dogs skin if you over do it. I lightly mist the dog beads with the spray. let it dry before the dogs get back on the beads  If your dog has skin problems or broken skin don't use this . If you can fresh up your pet with this before you get in the car or take your dog to the vet or groomer .  or a friends house .They will all love the smell of your pet.
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As I said I make this up in a 5 oz size because it's not just for dogs. My dishwasher was stinking so ,I took this part out of the dishwasher.
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OH so nasty I rinsed it off with hot water in the kitchen sink ,that little spray gun at your sink works great on this crud.  What that it is a film of dish washer soap and crud that should have rinsed away  .so it was cleaned  put it back in place in the bottom of the dishwasher and sprayed  the inside of the dishwasher with my mint spray. No more stinking dishwasher . I also use this spray in the garbage disposal ,trash can, and the washable filter in my vacuum. I use it in the washing machine  at my son's house It is a front loader  I first wash the washer hot water and Borax then use the mint treatment in the washer after it has washed the Borax away. and you can open the door. Then just spray the inside of the washer. Leave the door open if you can. If you get mice in the house over the winter. Put the mint oil on some cotton balls and shove then in the area you see the mice  they will leave fast Don't use the made up spray for this use the mint oil out of the bottle. The mint is not for internal use. I will help you with that another time. Well I hope this works for you

Suggested materials:

  • Mint oil 100% pure  (
  • 2oz or 5 oz plastic spray bottle.  (Walmart)

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