10 Magic Eraser Tricks That Will Transform Your Cleaning Routine!

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Whether you are new to Magic Erasers or have used them before, today I am going to blow your mind with a variety of ways to use this multipurpose tool. These Magic Eraser hacks are quick and easy and will most definitely make cleaning a lot more bearable. You can see more of my crazy creations here

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Have you ever wondered what the magic behind these little blocks is? Well, it's quite simple; they are made of a porous material called melamine foam which acts like fine sandpaper to gently remove stains. Magic Erasers are effective at cleaning most stains using only cold water or hot water, without the need for chemicals or soap.

Let's explore how you can save cleaning time with a Magic Eraser, the multi tool of the cleaning world!

A silver spoon displaying the contrast between the bottom portion that has been cleaned with a Magic Eraser and the top portion that remains dirty

1. Make your silver sparkle

Magic erasers have gained a reputation for their remarkable cleaning and stain removal ability. One particular use for these versatile cleaning tools is in silver polishing. With just a few swipes of a magic eraser, silverware, and other silver items can be restored to their former shine and luster. 

It's as simple as rubbing the eraser on the silver surface to achieve impressive results. In the picture above, you can see the difference in the appearance of the bottom of the spoon after being polished with a magic eraser as compared to the top which was not cleaned.

Removing permanent marker on a wine glass with a Magic Eraser

2. Remove permanent marker from glass

Hosting a party and want to personalize your guests' glasses? Use this magic Eraser hack!

Simply write each person's name with a permanent marker, and when the party is over, use a Magic Eraser to remove it. A clever party trick that is easy to clean up.

Cleaning a dish with burnt marks with a Magic Eraser

3. Degreasing

Occasionally, there may be some greasy residue left on our baking sheets and dishes. Use a Magic Eraser for stains like these by gently scrubbing the debris until it disappears. It really is that simple!

Cleaning a greasy oven window with a Magic Eraser

Cleaning our ovens is a necessary task, and it's important not to overlook the oven window. Rub the window with a Magic Eraser to remove any greasy debris quickly and easily. Once you're done, admire how shiny the window looks.

Grease particles on microwave

While cooking in the kitchen, grease particles tend to become airborne and settle on surfaces. To remove these particles, simply wipe the greasy surface with the melamine sponge, and it will effectively remove the grease marks.

Cleaning the outside of a computer with a Magic Eraser

4. Computer care

Our laptops and computers are frequently touched by our dirty hands and become messy over time. Computer cleaning is fortunately a straightforward process with a Magic Eraser.

To start the cleaning process, turn off your computer and unplug it from the wall to avoid any electrical issues. Now, you can wipe the magic eraser over the outside of the computer as well as over your keyboard. Dry it off thoroughly with a paper towel.

Pointing to stains on a door

5. Scrub doors

The next Magic Eraser shortcut is for doors. Over time, fingerprint marks can accumulate on any door in your house, whether it's the front door, back door, or pantry door.

Use the sponge to clean up these annoying marks. Dampen it with water, wring it out, and rub it over the door. If there are any scuff marks, this method will work just as effectively.

Using a 2 sided Magic Eraser to clean a cooktop

6. Remove baked-on debris

If you have a glass cooktop, keeping it clean and free of baked-on debris can be a challenge. Start by spraying white vinegar and water or a dish soap solution onto the surface of the cooktop.

Then, take a Magic Eraser and gently scrub away any dirt. The eraser's unique texture is designed to lift away even the most stubborn stains and debris, making it an excellent tool for deep cleaning your glass cooktop.

Once you have scrubbed away all of the grime, flip the Magic Eraser over and use the soft side to wipe everything up. This will help to make your cooktop shine and remove any remaining particles that you don't want on the surface.

Shining a dimmer switch with a Magic Eraser

7. Shine light switches and outlets

Fingerprint marks can accumulate on various surfaces around the house, including light switches and outlets. If you have kids, it's even more likely that these areas will need frequent cleaning.

To easily remove these marks, grab a Magic Eraser and gently rub it over the surface of the switch or outlet. The eraser's textured surface will work to lift off the fingerprints and other dirt, leaving the surface clean and free of unsightly marks.

Cleaning a shoe with white soles with a Magic Eraser

8. Clean white soles

If you're like many people, you may find it challenging to keep the white soles of your shoes looking clean and bright. Whether you're walking around town or hitting the gym, it's easy for dirt, grime, and scuff marks to accumulate on your shoes over time.

However, with the help of a Magic Eraser, you can quickly and easily restore your white soles to their former glory.

To get started, take a Magic Eraser and lightly dampen it with water. Then, gently rub the eraser over the surface of your soles, focusing on any areas where dirt or scuff marks have accumulated. The Magic Eraser's texture will remove the stains.

Wiping white painted handrail with a Magic Eraser

9. Revive your railing

Painted railings accumulate their fair share of dirt and scuff marks as time goes by. The Magic Eraser quickly and easily removes the grime, leaving behind a clean and refreshed surface.

The best part? You don't have to worry about using harsh chemicals or abrasives that could damage the paint or finish of your railing.

Washing dirty baseboards with a Magic Eraser

10. Wash baseboards

Cleaning your baseboards is an important part of keeping your home looking its best, but it's not always the most enjoyable task. However, with a Magic Eraser, you can make the job much easier and more effective.

Simply dampen your Magic Eraser with a little bit of water and scrub the surface of your baseboards. Whether it's removing scuffs or just cleaning them in general, it makes the process a breeze. 

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How to clean with a Magic Eraser

Magic Eraser hacks

I would advise refraining from using a Magic Eraser on surfaces that are delicate, polished, or susceptible to scratches since it could potentially remove the finish or damage the outer surface. Always try using it on a small, inconspicuous area first before using it on a larger surface.

I hope this tutorial on how to clean with a Magic Eraser has inspired you to try these cleaning hacks. 

Please share in the comments how you use a Magic Eraser for cleaning. I love hearing everyone's thoughts and ideas. 

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  • Carol Carol on Jun 07, 2024

    Not supposed to use magic erasers on painted surfaces. They will remove the paint if you aren’t careful

  • P P on Jun 07, 2024

    Magic Erasers took the high shine off my 1947 bathtub enclosure wall tiles!