What's the best natural way to feed and care for your rose garden?

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  • Carina Carina on Jul 14, 2017
    Try Banana peels bury them near the trunk, they need potassium to bloom, Carina, good luck
  • A A on Jul 14, 2017
    I'm not sure of your location or the type of roses you have, but the one thing I do that ensures my roses are beautiful is I trim them to about a third of their height in early spring (March around here), and then I cover the base of the bushes with Black Cow manure immediately after pruning. This keeps the roots warm and gives nourishment to the plant.
  • Yet27213669 Yet27213669 on Jul 14, 2017
    epsom salts are a great natural aid for roses
  • Valeri Heer Valeri Heer on Jul 14, 2017
    Pure worm castings are the very best natural fertilizer for roses or anything else you like to grow. Bonus, you can't apply too much and burn them, like you can with chemical and other animal fertilizers. In tests plants that were planted directly in pure 100% worm castings produced over 400% more of whatever was being grown! You can't loose!
  • V Valencia V Valencia on Jul 14, 2017
    Banana peels and coffee grains are good for roses. I use a recipe that I got from a Jerry Baker book. It includes
    1 cup of beer
    2 t of instant tea
    1 t of Rose/Flower food
    1 t of fish fertilizer
    1 t of hydrogen peroxide
    1 t of liquid soap
    these items mixed with 2 gallons of warm water.
    t = teaspoon
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